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  • 1.4.2017
    • Followed program in preparation of business run Rotterdam. Worked out very well. Improved for 7minutes in 14 weeks. 1minute Under target. Thanks. ����

  • 30.6.2016
    • Sorry for my ignorance.... how can i add this program to personal use... i mean i click add i my calendar shows the moves but my ambit2 No. how can i deal with that. please help me

      • nit1985

        You need to connect your Ambit2 using moveslink. I'ts a program you install on your pc

  • 1.11.2015
  • 29.10.2015
    • Hi, how I can control the pace in the 3x800? In suunto only charges "run 8'6km" but not when i need to do the 3x800 or rest or warmup or the pace...

  • 29.6.2015