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  • 22.11.2016
    • I have been using a 6 day a week plan that has 2 work outs per day. I saw a sample week of Meredith Kessler's training and she trained 2x per day plus strength training. I realize she races Ironman distance, but still this seem like too little for an Olympic distance race. How close to reality is this?

  • 6.7.2016
    • 设置完后,要怎么样删除啊

      • linzheng2001


  • 27.2.2016
    • Hola, en las sesiones de natación los break son entre series o entre ejercicios ? Muchas gracias

  • 25.3.2015
  • 28.9.2014
    • Hi, does anyone know if it matters what time of day you train/ when is best to reach your potential? I want to make sure I'm getting the best out the training. Thanks :)