• Getting started
  • Few steps how to start in Movescount.

    1. Joining Movescount

    Creating a new account is really simple. First, just click Join at the top of the page. Then, you just need to give a valid email address and provide a username and password.

    2. Using Movescount

    It doesn't matter if you use a Suunto device best suitable for your actions, a compatible mobile application or just a pen and paper, you can store your training in Movescount. You can connect your device to Movescount with Moveslink software. Get your free software from the Moveslink page. There you will also get guidance on how to use various Suunto devices with Movescount. You can also use Movescount without any device. Store every single workout you do with the amount of detail you want.

    3. View and share your Moves

    With the analysis tools of Movescount, you can easily get overall picture what you have done during the last weeks or months. Share your most memorable Moves with your sport-enthusiastic friends inside and outside Movescount. Join groups of likeminded athletes and compare your results when attending the same events.

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