• Features

    • Experience city running in a new way with Salomon routes and points-of-interest in over 90 cities around the world
    • Adjust your filters to see certain types of “spots” including stairs, ascent, decent, historical places, view points, natural/paved paths and more
    • Discover and create points-of-interest
    • Earn points by running and discovering spots. The more points you earn, the more features you unlock!
    • Find and sign-up for community runs near you
    • Track your workout and analyze your performance (powered by Suunto Movescount)


    Support - If you have some questions, please contact the developer.
  • 1. Install the application
  • Find CityTrail application from Apple App store or from Google Play. Install and launch the application.

  • 2. Connect with Movescount
  • To send all your CityTrail runs to Movescount you can connect the App with your Movescount account. To do that in the App:

    • Select Sign Up
    • Press Movescount connect button
    • Input your Movescount credential
    • Allow connection
  • 3. Ready
  • Now you can use the App as you will and all of your runs will be synched to Moveslink automatically.