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    18:12 h
    79,92 km
    1677 kcal
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  • 22.10.2016
    • Biegi przełajowe 14:31'44 Średnie tętno 122 ud./min, 103,1 km
      Blackall 100 - with a course change due to bushfires we got an extra 3kms for our trouble. Happy with the time. Suffered, really suffered between 60 and 80k but came back that last 20km to eventually run it home
    • 22.10.2016
    • Wspinaczka górska 7:36'39.7 Średnie tętno 145 ud./min, 23,73 km
      Mt Cooroora Endurance Challenge. 3rd overall 11 laps 24 km 7.5 hours 4000 metres of climbing 3rd place overall
    • 18.9.2016
    • Biegi przełajowe 10:37'12.1 Średnie tętno 129 ud./min, 51,43 km
      Eiger trail race 51 km. Tough, hilly, snow, beautiful. I estimate about 1.5 hours spent on pictures and video. Very slow descent on ice covered trails. Fell a few times and injured myself but utterly enjoyed every moment. It was some of the most amazing scenery I've raced within. It was a pretty poor preparation prior to race day as I was very tired from travelling and generally having a great holiday but I regret nothing and I'm totally thankful I had the opportunity to be part of this great event.
    • 22.7.2016
    • Biegi przełajowe 18:57'54.5 Średnie tętno 115 ud./min, 99,59 km
      Ultra Trail Australia 100km. First time at this race. It was hard - as expected. Didn't feel good at all until after the 46km checkpoint. After climbing Nelly's Glen, I felt pretty good but things got hard in the night, my headlamp failed, used my backup light then got my other head torch after running 20km with a dim light. That said it was a stunning course, but I was totally under trained for 100km but went into it with the attitude of using it for experience and to enjoy the great scenery.
    • 14.5.2016
  • 24.10.2015
    • Biegi przełajowe 15:46'44.1 Średnie tętno 122 ud./min, 101,4 km
      Blackall 100 Humid conditions once again. Run well and raced as hard as I could for the first 60km. Ran the next 20km, a tough and hilly section, as best I could. The last 20km I suffered really badly from chaffing plus the low clouds moved in and made running in the dark with a head torch very difficult along with the rain and mud. Happy that I ran faster than last year's time of 19:24. The entire course is much tougher than it looks on paper with very little flat at all and where it is flat or goes downhill its very rocky or steep. But hey - it makes for a great test of character and will - that's what ultras are all about, aren't they?
    • 28.10.2015
    • Biegi przełajowe 7:16'32.3 Średnie tętno 139 ud./min, 50,90 km
      Coastal High 50km Ultra Trail. My back was tight right from the start and never really felt good at all until I was able to run the final 4km climb to the finish. Was about an hour behind where I thought I would be but it was a really beautiful course to run on with high altitude rainforest and single track, at times reasonably tricky with roots etc.
    • 1.10.2015
    • Biegi przełajowe 5:59'05.4 Średnie tętno 146 ud./min, 47,22 km
      Rainbow Beach Trail Run Well it was meant to be 43km - I ended up doing close to 48km due to being sent the wrong way once and then following others down the wrong path. I wasn't alone in the detour taking department as there was no real course markings at some key points. I estimate I lost about 30mins and about 7 places - finally coming 11th overall. Felt good and really pushed hard on the beach section to make up time which was all for nothing once I'd taken the wrong turn. Good workout though.
    • 9.8.2015

      Carlo sandblow


      Lake Poona

    • Biegi przełajowe 19:22'32.1 Średnie tętno 122 ud./min, 100,0 km
      Blackall 100. The goal was to finish and finish in relatively good condition. I did that and was proud to achieve a sub 20hr time on a very hot and hilly course. (note: watch set on low gps settings so ascent not recorded and total distance was 6 km out - used course maps for ascent and descent). I was aiming for between 16-18hours. I felt very low at about 60km and almost dropped out but teamed up with another runner to literally walk the last 40km. I knew I was undertrained but this is a good effort considering I've been only running again since January 2014.
  • 9.8.2014
    • Biegi przełajowe 2:44'10 Średnie tętno 155 ud./min, 24,99 km
      Wildhorse at Night 25 km race Lots of sand, happy with the pace, backed off last 5 km to finish fresh. At least 10 km of sand, maybe more, with some sections similar to running in dunes. Great event, will definitely be back.

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