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  • 28.6.2014
    • Bieganie 18:42'21.6, 101,8 km
      Grand Union Challenge the very first event I have done longer than my marathon and I loved it. Really well supported at rest starions and without the crowds of a marathon. I think I might be in LOVE or an adrenaline/endorphine junkie.
    • Bieganie 3:27'58.7, 32,19 km
      My new data cable has arrived and I have recorded all the data for this my most brilliant run to date. 20miles at the pace I could only dream of running a marathon at. Now I want to go to school in running gear - just so I can tell everyone 'I ran 20 miles'. So for now I will have to settle with FB :D.
    • Bieganie 3:04'29.1 Średnie tętno 159 ud./min, 27,40 km
      Day 43 -17miles - So happy and proud of myself....I battled (literally) the weather which can only be described as vile for 17 miles (my furthest distance yet). A big thankyou to @Kay Cole although I curse her a few times enroute as she kept presenting me with hills and telling me they will make me stronger. I look forward to running with you again in a few weeks ..once I have recovered :D.

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