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    14:48 h
    121,2 km
    8435 kcal
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  • 16.8.2014
    • Biegi przełajowe 10:14'08.3, 81,83 km
      Marquette Trail 50: 6th male, 7th overall
    • Bieganie 0:18'22.4, 5,05 km
      GVSU Turkey Trot 5k... went great!! 5th place overall and first in the 31-40 age group. prob could've pushed it harder and broke sub 18min.
  • 9.11.2013
    • Biegi przełajowe 7:54'03.8, 66,51 km
      Pictured Rock National Park North Country Trail. Ran from Twelvemile Beach campground to Miners Beach parking lot and back. it rained all day and was about 35 degrees. it was a long, cold, wet, and hard day. didn't bring enough water with me... only about 50oz. i wanted to run all the way to The Cliffs (50mi total) but turned around cause of lack of water.
    • Bieganie 3:06'52, 42,17 km
      awesome day! first ever road marathon... actually first ever timed marathon distance of any sort. i didnt plan on running it but a free entry came my way a few days before hand. i had been having some great running and success leading up to this race. i had a great trail half last weekend and a 5k the wknd before that, that i was very confident in my effort/ pace. i wanted to at least hit my Boston Qualifying time of 3:10 but was fairly confident i could do better. i wanted to run 7:15pace the first half and then 7:00pace the second half. i ended up running even splits the whole race. first half was 1:33(7'06"pace), the second was 1:34(7'09"pace). the first half was pretty easy for me but i hadnt run more than 13.1 miles in about 6 weeks so i was going on confidence that i knew i could do the distance, just didnt know if i could keep my pace. things started to get difficult around mile 18 or so. i tried to break up the day by 10k's... i liked the idea of at mile 20 that i only had a 10k to go and did the same with 5k left. i was getting slower at miles 20 thru 23 but was able to kick it a bit to finish. i tried to run by feel all day and keeping a close eye on my watch for pace. i was trying to keep my breathing just at the edge of under control. with 10k to go i wanted to really push hard and get my breathing into a heavy rhythm but my legs werent having it. so i bet if my legs were willing, i could have maybe gone sub 3hrs. for nutrition i was drinking water from aid stations when i felt thirsty, which ended up being about 75% of the aid stations. i also had one 4oz flask of First Endurance Liquid Shot that i drank a bit more than a oz at the 6mile, 12mile, and 20mile mark. i didnt really bonk at all... not like i experienced with my first 50miler. feeling pretty good the day after... calves are pretty tight but moving around ok. not feeling any worse than after my 50miler 6wks ago.
    • Biegi przełajowe 1:43'44, 21,49 km
      Owasippe Trail Half Marathon. 4th overall, 1st age group placing. awesome trail and ran this half primarily by feel. i wanted to hit 1:45 and beat that by a few minutes.

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