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  • 4.3.2012
    • Bieganie 2:57'47 Średnie tętno 154 ud./min, 42,20 km
      My second marathon! Despite my fears about my foot, the race really went so well! Achieved my sub-3 hours with room to spare :-) Last 7km were hard work and I thought the last 3km would be the death of me, but fortunately for me not so! Silly watch ran out of memory - SO irritating that these t6's do that - my T3 managed that all on it's own :-( So I don't have all the graphs etc.
    • Bieganie 3:09'56.7 Średnie tętno 154 ud./min, 42,20 km
      Pick n Pay Marathon - my first marathon! Also the furthest I've ever run in one go :-) Was a tough run - my body didn't want to play along in the second half, so mild muscle cramps were the order of the day. Fortunately I made my goal time, so I'm happy about that!
    • Bieganie 0:02'53.1 Średnie tętno 170 ud./min, 1,00 km
      1km time trial on a track - last time I did this was November 2010 and I did it in 3:00 then, so a great improvement considering that I did no speedwork whatsoever! Was hoping to get under 2:55, so very happy with this!
    • Bieganie 0:36'47.9 Średnie tętno 174 ud./min, 9,97 km
      This was a 10km race in Durban. My goal was 37 minutes and I did it! What a run! Felt so comfortable! Almost can't believe the average heartrate!
  • 15.1.2011
    • Bieganie 1:33'04.8 Średnie tętno 162 ud./min, 21,10 km
      My first half marathon - I am very happy with my time! Leg was iffy for the first 10km and after that it was fine so I went for it. At 4km to go I got a severe stitch in my side, so I had to slow down a little, but soon managed to carry on.

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