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  • 6.9.2014
    • Kolarstwo 9:25'39.1 Średnie tętno 139 ud./min, 261,4 km
      RBC Whistler Gran Fondo. Biggest ride I have ever done. Rode up, rode back with AW. Headwind both ways. Near the end, I was still feeling fresh and like could do more, like reaching a state of nirvana. Hands went numb, fingers tingling, hot spots on my feet. Neck stiffened, but not overly. Head was good on caffeine and sugar. A fine day.
    • Bieganie 3:06'35.2 Średnie tętno 162 ud./min, 42,20 km
      2013 Victoria Marathon 3:06:27 Chip time. A great run for a BQ!! The shoes were great, I had only 5 or so drink breaks all after the halfway point. Cramping with 1 km to go. This was the easiest marathon yet, and the fastest! 84th overall, and 12th in my age cat. A great run on a beautiful course in the best city!!
    • Bieganie 0:37'18.4 Średnie tętno 176 ud./min, 10,00 km
      Sandcastle 10k PB!! 37:18 Official Time. 12th overall, 1st in 35-39. Felt great. Best 10k I have ever done. Felt great at the finish. Looking forward to killing this time.
    • Bieganie 1:24'40.7 Średnie tętno 171 ud./min, 21,10 km
      Another First Half 1/2 Marathon. My 8th go of this race. A new PB--1:24:30 or so. Good for 87th/2100. My best half marathon yet. Very consistent 4:00 min kms for the whole race. Feeling pretty good after the run. PBs for Poppa and Sean too!
  • 3.2.2013
    • Biegi przełajowe 0:30'45.1 Średnie tętno 177 ud./min, 8,00 km
      PB Aldergrove Lake Mud Run! Fastest 8kms of my life!! Ran the race in 30:42. A perfectly executed race. Let the fast guys go, and picked them off with 1.5km to go. Speedcross were amazing shoes. Best run of the year. Looking good for the next few races.
    • Biegi przełajowe 5:56'41.5 Średnie tętno 153 ud./min, 55,06 km
      Chuckanut 50 Trail Run--20th Anniversary. My 1st Ultra, I clearly underestimated what it took to run in this race. What I learned: Train more, with more hills; get good rest; don'ta try and do it to meet a goal if you have strep throat. My hydration and nutrition on the run was great, my pace was slow. This was bar none--the most challenging run of my life--weather, time, & terrain wise. A test of my determination. Up to 35kms, it was the single greatest run of my life. The last 20km were toug
    • Bieganie 0:38'15.7 Średnie tętno 177 ud./min, 9,56 km
      38:04 PB 10km Sandcastle City Classic in White Rock today-20th overall. A good, evenly paced 10km. I was at the limit, but this distance is really easy after doing all the long runs. A fun race with a good result.
    • Bieganie 3:12'40.1 Średnie tętno 167 ud./min, 42,20 km
      Vancouver Marathon. Good through the first half, had a slow down in the second half, 10 minutes slower. I bled time during the last 10km, just when I needed to go. I tried, but science, and my legs said "slow down", and I started to cramp. Beautiful course, wonderful day, PB beating last year by 17mins. First 21.1: 1:31, Second half: 1:41. Hills, conditioning, and more running required to finish stronger.
  • 12.2.2012
    • Bieganie 1:27'31 Średnie tętno 174 ud./min, 21,10 km
      First Half Half Marathon: Personal Best--1:27:38. Shaved 3 minutes off of last years time, and 2:30 off of 2010. Really hard push--I had to remind myself to go hard when my body was backing off. 1:27:31 Chip time, 1:27:38 Official Time. Feeling bagged, legs are shot. My last KM was my fastest. Go figure...
    • Biegi przełajowe 0:42'10.6 Średnie tętno 177 ud./min, 10,11 km
      Derby Reach Houston Trail Footrace 10km. What a race!! One of my best, fastest runs of the year. Knowing the course was huge, I was able to open up the legs on all the downhills, run fast on the flats, and keep it on the hills. Sean was hung over again, and 4 minutes behind me. I am in perfect shape for the First Half next week.
    • Kolarstwo 0:47'50.2 Średnie tętno 174 ud./min, 19,40 km
      BC Cup #1 Aldor Acres, Masters 3/4 Race. 1st Place!!! My first win in two years since 2009. Very emotional after last years bike crash. Took the win on the last lap in the last 400m through the maze. I made it to the corner 1st vs. Alex Cojacaru and lead through to come in with a big lead. Tyler Dumont 2nd. 8 lap race. Very Happy!
    • Biegi przełajowe 0:46'01.6 Średnie tętno 179 ud./min, 11,17 km
      Chuckanut Footrace, Fairhaven Wa. Today was a great run with Sean and Poppa, Dad came along for support. Quick pace, missed my official time goal by 2 seconds at 46:01. Wanted to finish in the 45s, my chip time was 45:53, an 8 second diff. I let up with 1/3 of a mile to go. I did not push as I should have once hitting the final road section, and lost a bit of time because of it. Great run in spite of missing my goal. I managed to cut 2:30 off of my time from 2009. I ran with 2 older men to pace
  • 12.6.2011
    • Bieganie 0:39'24.1 Średnie tętno 178 ud./min, 10,00 km
      Sandcastle 10 km White Rock. Personal best 39:24. Beat last year by 10 seconds. I backed off a bit at the beginning, came through mile one at about 5:30, 2 km at 7:20, and lost some time on the hills. 32 mins at 8 km, 36 mins at 9, and picked up the 34 seconds on the last km. good effort. The winner of 30-34 age cat. was 38:18. I was 4th place at 39:24. 1 min 08 separating 1st-4th.
    • Bieganie 3:27'57.9 Średnie tętno 155 ud./min, 42,14 km
      BMO Marathon--What an event! Beautiful day--warm and sunny. A quick half marathon time, but things started to get hard at 37 kms. By 40, it seemed like a mountain to climb reaching the Burrard Bridge. 4x pee breaks, we took water at virtually all stations. One hard, inspiring, fun day of running. I am sore now, but can't wait for the next one.
    • Bieganie 0:45'30.2 Średnie tętno 170 ud./min, 9,65 km
      LGRR XC Race: Jericho Sailing center. Started fast, but settled into an even pace. Sean caught me at 5kms, and then went on to beat me by 50 seconds. One tough, muddy course. Felt good through 5 kms, second lap was just hanging on. Still finding my legs, but this is encouraging. Not what I wanted to do for a time, 42 was the goal, but I have no complaints. I can run faster.

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