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  • 21.9.2013
    • Biegi przełajowe 2:47'16.7, 30,15 km
      3 peaks (long version): was going to break 3hrs, and I did it! So happy! My previous record was around 3:30, so pretty happy with the result. I will follow this recipe: good pace on the flat, going nuts in the downhills and no-walking policy for the hills! Looks like it's working... had only 3 gels and a bit of water at the top of BM, Ainslie and around the lake... was pretty smashed at the end...
    • Biegi przełajowe 15:40'00, 100,0 km
      Trail North Face 100: big day out! Watch battery died 5k from the finish :-( Knee pain after 30k slow me down significantly and stomach pain all day... otherwise everything was pretty good... 100k is a long way...
    • Biegi przełajowe 5:08'59.2, 43,95 km
      Six Foot Track Ultra Marathon (45k, 1450m): one of the most popular marathon in Australia. The course is stunning. 1st part, 15k of downhill single track. 2nd: 20k of uphill on fire trails with some steep parts, and finally, last 10k mostly downhill on single tracks again. The last 3k are absolutely fantastic with the finish at the cave house. A must do! Try to start hard but was in last wave so lots of traffic. had a bad time in the middle but finish very fast... lesson: harden the fuck up!
  • 23.2.2013
    • Biegi przełajowe 4:34'14.5, 32,43 km
      Tennent-Honeysuckle-Booroomba with JP and Rob Walter. Those guys did the longer version (top of MT Tennent + top of Booroomba rock)... I have restricted myself to the soft version... The course is bloody awesome. Rob showed us the 'old' Apollo Rd, which is now a single, overgrown track... still super nice and going up very steadily... Had a fantastic day overall although my condition wasn't exactly tip-top... was sick this week and left lots of energy in last week race I guess....
    • Biegi przełajowe 4:06'29.6, 28,57 km
      2 repeats of Mt Tennent (Namadgi NP) with John Power! Very hard work. Should have carried water (only drank at the car), and more gels (2 gels+1 perpetum is not enough). JP did not make it to the top the second time: shame on him!!!!! :-)
    • Biegi przełajowe 4:00'07.8, 32,60 km
      Three summits: Majura, Ainslie & Black mountain. nutrition OK: 3 gels, 1 hammer bar, 2L water + 500mL coke... I had a few cramps at the end (stop drink after 20-25kms)... torn my ankle a bit after 15kms.... couldn't go much faster at the end but my energy level was pretty good after 25-30kms... overall happy... Next week: Leura Blue mountains!!!!!!!!!!
  • 23.9.2012
    • Biegi przełajowe 2:00'13.5, 13,82 km
      Big performance by young Colin Jackson with a 1h02 ascent for his first ascent of Mt Tennent!!
    • Biegi przełajowe 1:48'22.3, 13,78 km
      Mont Tennent (Namadgi, ACT): top in 1h03m... smash my previous attempt by 7 minutes at least... try to break the hour next time...

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