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Female, 25 years, Prerov, Czech Republic
Alpine skiing, Basketball, Crosstrainer… (+13 more)

Hi, my name is Victoria. I really like every kind of sport, but running most of all.

I hope that I will become more faster, stronger and better runner thanks to suunto watch and training.

Thanks for following me :o)

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  • ZeeTee

    10.5.2014 @ victoria_s

    Ahojda :) udělal jsem nějaké můvy ve Skandinávii, nejsou nijak vrcholové, ale možná by se ti mohli líbit : ) Tyhle dva s FOTKAMA z Helsinky/Finland move31268022 a Oslo Norway: move31268027 jsou opravdu special :) Užíj si to  Zee Tee

  • ZeeTee

    3.5.2014 @ victoria_s

    Co ses dala na vědu ti to tu pustne :)

  • frankytoko

    6.4.2014 @ victoria_s

    Hi :) i live in France around Paris and i work in Paris. But you know this ! when you was born somewhere it's usual ;) but i recognizes Paris is a beautiful town we have a lot of thing to do and discover. I have stopped my training because during a football match someone hurt my right Knee :(. i must wait a moment and see a doctor. For the moment i just play tennis when is possible. what's is your favorite sport ?

  • frankytoko

    31.3.2014 @ victoria_s

    Great performance (^_^)!

    • victoria_s


      Thank you :) And how are you? what about your training? I was in France, in Paris actually, on New Year and it was really wonderful. Paris is beutiful city. I was fascinated by Notre-Dame. :-)

  • ZeeTee

    24.1.2014 @ victoria_s

    Ahoj! Insanity mám dal jsem týden a pak z toho vypad. Respect tobě! Zítra Hulmenská desítka? Můvu čest!

    • victoria_s


      Lehce zima byla, ale jinak nádherný výlet to byl :o)

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    Royal triathlon in Majetín


    Triathlon 2:04'30.7, 39.50 km.
    Royal triathlon (500m swimming+33 kms cycling+6 kms running) with Mike Wayne :-)


    My first long bike race


    Cycling 2:53'54.2 Average heart rate 149 bpm, 60.90 km.
    60,9 kms


    My first marathon


    Running 4:36'41.7 Average heart rate 162 bpm, 42.92 km.
    My first Prague marathon :-)


    30 kms


    Running 3:14'53.4 Average heart rate 157 bpm, 30.05 km.
    30 kms

  • 70

    25 kms


    Running 2:42'31 Average heart rate 153 bpm, 25.10 km.
    25 kms + 300 m final sprint. Running in right heart rate :)


    Running to Grymov


    Running 1:13'54.7 Average heart rate 164 bpm, 11.51 km.
    first running to Grymov, good weather, but it is necessary to decrease the heart rate


    Olomoucký půlmaraton


    Running 2:04'51.9 Average heart rate 177 bpm, 21.18 km.


    17 km


    Running 1:44'24.3 Average heart rate 154 bpm, 17.01 km.
    Today I ran 17 km. Run was really good - the heart rate was stable. I didn´t feel any tiredness. Now it is necessary to increase speed :)

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    June is pritty wet here in the Great Britain! Lots of preperation for the Olympics going on! Have u got tickets? Or will you be watching?

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