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  • Swim TSS

    Pool swimming, Guidance. afbmelo

    Since it is not possible to calculate the training effect using the Ambit and the regular heart monitor belts, I developed this app to calculate the TSS (Training Stress Score). This is another measure that pretends to estimate the stress level of the training. It is based on the pace and your FTP (Functional Threshold Speed). My personal FTP is hardcoded (32.5). You have to change it to match yours. Your FTP is your pace for a 60min swimming session. So if you did 2000m, your FTP is 2000/60 m/min. You can double the distance covered on a 30min training but give it a 2.5% discount (you get tired on the late 30mins). Message me if you need more info this or do a web search on Training Stress Score. Public

    POWER Zone

    Cycling, Training. Tenebra

    Zone in base alla potenza FTP

    Functional Threshold Power (%)

    Cycling, Training. brennanmike

    For those with a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) of 240W. App displays real time % of FTP. To determine FTP I use the testing protocol set out by Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan, PhD in "Training and Racing with Power".

    Training Stress Score

    Cycling, Training. Ifocus

    Calculate the TSS from a ride with power meter, work for my FTP of 310W, change for yours and you are in business.

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    Cycling, Training. kemetter

    This is a good indication of how ‘smooth’ the ride was. In an Ironman context, VI numbers are typically low, ranging from 1.0 to 1.05 for flat courses and 1.05-1.1 for hilly courses. This is simply the normalized power (NP) divided by the average power.


    Normalized Power

    Cycling, Training. kemetter

    Normalized Power (NP) is a training tool developed by Cycling Peaks (Training Peaks). It was developed to account for the variables associated with riding: wind, hills, sprints, steady state, etc. Using average power does not account for these variables, however NP does.


    Tabata Beep

    Running, Training. DTee

    Standard Tabata protocol interval timer. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 8 Reps. Beeps on each change. Not compatible with the original Ambit. Image from


    Max Speed2

    Alpine skiing, Training. babeneba

    Max speed updated - 'mx' is displayed before max speed 'km/h' is displayed after max speed

  • ZorgTimer

    Pool swimming, Training. mondoshiwan

    A simple countdowntimer not only just for lap pool swimming! I did this for doing interval training like 20x 100m with a given rest at the wall - here 20 sec - but you can do your own adjustments. Start the timer and start your exercise at 0 sec. Hit Lap when you are back at the wall. This will reset the timer. But remember, never push the buttons while submerged!

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