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Male, 38 years, King's Lynn and West Norfolk, United Kingdom
Cycling, Indoor cycling, Pool swimming… (+3 more)

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  • CaptStu

    30.12.2010 @ roubaix

    what's up Roubaix? taking a month off? lost your Suunto?

  • Shakey

    2.12.2010 @ roubaix

    We finally had our allotment of snow :-( not a happy bunny... XC cancelled and got to wait for the snow to melt atm

  • Shakey

    26.11.2010 @ roubaix

    Obviously not a student!

  • Shakey

    25.11.2010 @ roubaix

    If u wanna do a seriously good session then- after short w/u, 400, 4x50, 200, 4x50, 100, 4x50, 100 kick, 4x25 kick, 100 paddles, short c/d (mixed stroke) all done at set paces

  • Shakey

    25.11.2010 @ roubaix

    What r kick and foot paddles? Im guessing that u mean fins? That is an easy session then... decent mile time last night. PS paddles (hand) are never easy no matter what u say

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