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Male, 41 years, Panchkula, India
Aerobics, Cycling, Dancing… (+6 more)

outdoor activity and exercise is like a meditation to me where my mind and body get aligned and i am connected to this spiritual world where i find myself so calm,relaxed and happy that i forget everything else in this world at that moment.

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  • ZeeTee

    8.12.2013 @ moonish

    Hi Moonish, nice to see you moving I do the same follow you moving :)

  • Anonymous

    5.11.2012 @ moonish

    <spam deleted>

  • manuelbustelo

    13.8.2012 @ moonish

    I love India and what you have written about sports in your profile, so why not following your moves? Keep on the good job!

  • XCountry_Paivi

    6.8.2012 @ moonish

    Sound like we both share the same experience when moving outdoors! :-) Fantastic!

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    my first half marathon


    Running 1:58'15.9 Average heart rate 168 bpm, 21.18 km.




    Multisport 1:30'00.1 Average heart rate 140 bpm, 13.48 km.
    this activity includes cycling, jogging, stair running, weight training and than back home on cycle.


    burpy workout


    Weight training 0:55'11.6 Average heart rate 150 bpm.

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    Beers burned off

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