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Male, 32 years, Sherbrooke, Canada
Cycling, Running, Trekking

See you later alligator! Pick the easiest way. Ride!

I drink water, eat clif bars while exercising. I drink juice and Kellogg's Vector cereal after.

I'm back to school to complete a Ph. D. in physic at the UdeS

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    14th place at Maski-Courons


    Cycling 2:18'19.4 Average heart rate 161 bpm, 84.35 km.
    2010-08-08 13:21:01 My first race "cyclosportive" of the year. It started my watch after the race began, and I stopped it after the end. My real average speed is 39.2 km/h. That's pretty fast! The feeling was great. I was to much at the head of the group in the first half. I finish in the second pack in 14 th position, 4 minutes behind the winner. Next time I'll do better.


    Meilleur tour de Lac des Nations


    Running 0:24'43.6 Average heart rate 169 bpm, 5.79 km.


    Too long to be healthy


    Cycling 9:18'40.1 Average heart rate 148 bpm, 261.2 km.
    2010-07-14 09:03:34 Solo


    CVRM 200 km Time Record


    Cycling 6:48'40.5 Average heart rate 144 bpm, 202.2 km.
    2010-07-31 07:03:16 Threesome + 30 km/h de moyenne comptant les pauses

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