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Male, 28 years, Unknown
Aerobics, Alpine skiing, Badminton… (+35 more)

professional boxing is my passion, but like any sport or exercise that makes me sweat!!

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  • ceci44

    16.5.2014 @ mickhall

    Hello, I admirer your profile, i am cecile please contact me direct in my private email ok ( yours Cecile.

  • SMac

    12.10.2011 @ mickhall

    Looks like someone has been told to get training. I think he is picking on all the pts so not to worry. Ha ha :-D

    • mickhall


      im always training just havent been putting it on here like ;)

    • SMac


      Sure we believe you! Not seen u about much, got a proper job now? Lol

  • Coca

    30.9.2011 @ mickhall

    O dear Micks dropped of the Radar again!

    • mickhall


      im back on it again now! lets have it :) hope ur good

    • Coca


      lets move! and no im dying of brain power overload and want to go out and run up a mountain or jump out a plane, my laptop is my best friend at the moment :)

    • mickhall


      aww bless haha hard life aint it nic :)

  • stesloss

    18.9.2011 @ mickhall

    Just Back from Scotland - well....did you ?

  • Coca

    16.9.2011 @ mickhall

    Question is.... Are you ready?

    Good luck matey! Looking forward to it x

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  • Octathalon

    51 members

    Well done to all who did the Ultra Club this week =)

    Fenton Fitness

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    Beacon Fell 10 miler Tough Mudder prep...Sunday 10am Rockform A6

    Watt Bike lovers Unite

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    the leader says...lets pedal!

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