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Male, 45 years, Helsinki, Finland
Circuit training, Crosscountry skiing, Cycling… (+4 more)

Orienteer, that's me!

  • 1:10'50.5 Running


    Ambit 3 elevation recoding compared to the LiDAR point cloud.

    Photo by Jagge

    1:19'07.9 Running


    Testing ambit's altimeter against DEM. That comparison graph makes you smile. GPS track is recored with 1 sec interval and accuracy is pretty excellent. Also figured out way to not get false HR readings during first 10 minutes when skin is still dry. Almost too much awesomeness for one day!

    Photo by Jagge

    1:05'39.3 Running


    Testing this new and shiny Peak a bit, altimeter by doing hill loops and track accuracy by doing some sprint O figures/moves.

    Altimeter seems to be is excellent.

    Photo by Jagge
  • 21 Moves

    18:24 h

    148.0 km

    10355 kcal

  • Greatest Moves

    • Orienteering 1:10'44.2 Average heart rate 166 bpm, 8.48 km

      Training, Pirttimäki. gloomy day, drizzle, I ran with camera but video quality ended up really poor.

    • Orienteering 0:48'30.4 Average heart rate 169 bpm, 7.35 km

      Itärastit, Uutela. Video (play full screen and select HD 720p) :

    • Orienteering 1:14'40 Average heart rate 159 bpm

      Firmaliiga 6/2011 I got new head cam, video here:

    • Orienteering 1:02'30 Average heart rate 182 bpm, 9.26 km

      Prismarastit. Head cam video

    • Orienteering 0:47'30 Average heart rate 163 bpm, 7.17 km

      Firmaliiga 2/2011 Head cam video:

    • Running 0:06'41.4 Average heart rate 162 bpm, 0.44 km

      Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. gps track from gps track pod, rest of the data from ambit. Check also speed colored map with an actual red nose:

    • Running 0:12'30.8 Average heart rate 144 bpm, 1.16 km

      Geo-scribbling, "Runner". Track from the new Suunto track pod, rest of the data from Ambit. I turned network off during download so I could merge xml files before move got posted here. The pod is better for scribbling, form factor makes it possible to carry it more optimal way (in cap).

    • Running 0:17'23.2 Average heart rate 167 bpm, 2.78 km


    • Running 0:34'27.7 Average heart rate 163 bpm, 7.04 km

      Street O, myyrmäki. Head cam video with Suunto Ambit data:

    • Running 0:32'00, 7.30 km

      Street O, Ylästö, Vantaa. Video:

  • Latest Moves

    • Shoutbox

    • Jagge

      6.11.2013 @ Move 5.10.2013

      Happy with the accuracy of the track pod recorded, but not happy with the time That 5k took. One minute too much - 3 years ago I did sub 10.

    • nebri

      6.10.2013 @ Move 5.10.2013

      Impressive run, and awesome track record.

    • Jagge

      7.1.2013 @ Move 5.1.2013

      Korkeusdatasta tuli mieleen, että kannatta tsekata esim move9623943 hiihtely 5.1 podi pipossa paloheinän 3km lenkkiä. Pipopodin gps-korkeusdata on melkoista, noin 5 m sisällä korkeusarvot eri kierroksilla. Barometri ei taida päästä juurikaan parempaan ainakaan sään muuttuessa tai jos absoluuttisia arvoja haluaa. Korkeiden rakennusten ja muiden seinämien seassa tilanne on toki toinen.

    • Jagge

      7.1.2013 @ Move 5.1.2013

      jep, skriptillä yhdistetty ambitin lokin kanssa ennen tänne postatusta. Jostain syystä korkeusdataa puuttuu, minun skritpi saattaa pahoinpidellä tiedostoja jotenkin.

    • _sid_

      6.1.2013 @ Move 19.12.2012


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