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Male, 37 years, Swanbourne, Australia
Climbing, Cycling, Multisport… (+3 more)

I look for the challenge that interval training such as stair climbing brings, where periods of maximum heart rate and intensity are followed by attempts to lower heart rate - and repeated.

other favourites include: Les Mills Pump, running, spearfishing, surfing, cycling, beach/sand running

It doesn't get easier, you just go faster... (right?)

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    • JoergHenker

      16.4.2015 @ Move 16.4.2015

      Always good run Jacob's Ladder, prima ;-)

    • CraigThom

      7.11.2014 @ Killa

      Good to see your back Ben, sometime awol is good, when I get fit and drop some weight early next year might try a few stair runs, cheers Craig !!

    • Jasmina

      19.10.2014 @ Killa

      Hey Killa, hi after a looong time:) Are you still doing LM bodypump? I became a LM BP instructor in meanwhile:) It happend just out of a blue :) Neve did BP clasess before. I like it very much.

    • JoergHenker

      27.6.2014 @ Killa

      Yes, it's all good! You run up stairs and maybe we will see to meet us in the world :-)))

    • Linda1

      28.3.2014 @ Killa

      How's it been Down Under? I see you've been enjoying rather impressive outdoor sports lately? Props for that.

      • Killa


        Hey Linda, thanks for the message - sorry I haven't replied earlier! I have had to have lots of recovery from knee injury but slowly getting back into things. Cold down here at the moment but that is better for runners! Hope you're enjoying your training.

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