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Female, 33 years, Warsaw, Poland
Boxing, Crosstrainer, Cycling… (+7 more)

Personal Trainer and Instructor of: Tomahawk Indoor Cycling I.C.E., TMT (Total Muscle Training) and PowerPump.

  • 36 Moves

    34:35 h

    169.6 km

    8621 kcal

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    • Gilipos

      2.7.2015 @ AnnaWr

      Hi, we have start run in winter for Barcelona....regards!

      • AnnaWr


        Yes, in winter :)

    • Malgo_

      13.4.2015 @ AnnaWr

      Widocznie bieganie to twoja druga natura :)

    • Malgo_

      11.4.2015 @ AnnaWr

      Wow Anna! Twoje wyniki w bieganiu są imponujące! Gratuluję!

      • AnnaWr


        Dziękuję, aż mi wstyd bo ja w zasadzie w ogóle nie biegam ostatnio.

    • Gilipos

      10.4.2015 @ Move 10.4.2015

      very nice...I have to train more ,you are stronger every day and faster provably...regards

      • AnnaWr


        Im not running at all so... we will se who will be fast.

    • Gilipos

      27.2.2015 @ Move 15.2.2015

      Always running you can

      • Gilipos


        Hi, I wanted to say before that we´ll run with your speed, my goal is run together...

      • AnnaWr


        Ok, stay in tuch :)

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