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Male, 57 years, Munkebo, Danmark
Cycling, Indoor cycling, Mountain biking… (+1 more)
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    • Mountain biking 3:28'06 Average heart rate 147 bpm, 85.50 km

      En lang tur på mtb alene, kørte langs Odense Kanal ud mod Otterup Tørresø, hjem over Otterup, Odense og hjem, og lige et et enkelt styrt !!!!11

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    • lovemama

      24.2.2012 @ rytteren

      Hello ,

      My name is Miss jennysky pretty, i will like to have a good relationship with you please write me with my ID ( so that i will send you my photo and tell you about me.


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      Great to have you in this group, have a nice ride with your bikes!

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      Share with us your most favorite sport/activity in the shoutbox! Also if you would like to emphasize your specific activity: use the shout box. This time it is funny to see that "Roanne" changed his team activity rugby into triathlon while "MichalBeranek" does the HEAT program, fitness as a team. Nice guys, keep on doing your thing! Which of you has done a bungy jump, measured with your T3? And if you will, don't forget to set your interval #1 at 15 sec and interval #2 at OFF.

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