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Male, 43 years, New Plymouth, New Zealand
Circuit training, Cycling, Hiking/Trekking… (+5 more)

To work hard, train hard and play hard. Pain is only weakness leaving the body.

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    • Trail running 2:42'18.1 Average heart rate 166 bpm, 22.35 km

      The Dual. Motutapu/Rangitoto Island traverse trail run event 21km. Mixture of gravel, grass and volcanic tracks. Technical in places running over loose scoria and rock with a final 3km incline just to finish you off!

    • Mototapu Island


      A native tree restoration project is running here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

      Photo by flinner!

      Motutapu from southeast


      Usable with attribution and link to: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

      Rangitoto in avondzon

      Photo by zusjes weblog

      Lava veld

      Photo by zusjes weblog

      Auckland from Rangitoto

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    • Trail running 2:45'46.6 Average heart rate 158 bpm, 26.55 km

      24km adventure run. 3km undulating through forrest, 6km gravel track incline, 7km mud loop, back down gravel track, through paddocks finishing with 2 km stone track hill climb.

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    • Trail running 2:06'42.3 Average heart rate 166 bpm, 22.09 km

      The Taniwha half marathon (Waikato River Trail run - Mangakino - Lake Whakamaru Christian Camp). Great scenery on a perfect warm sunny day. Running on forest tracks, gravel tracks, over swing bridges and dams with lakes, farmland and forest in constant view. Must admit, much tougher course than anticipated.

    • Mangakino Stream - Colour


      <b>Colour version.</b> Canoeing on Mangakino Stream off Lake Maraetai, Mangakino, New Zealand. Completed in the 1970s the dam, that formed Lake Maraetai behind it, flooded the area including the lower reaches of Mangakino Stream. This resulted in an easily navigated waterway with deep water and amazing steep and tall rhyolite rock cliffs on either side. <a href=";size=large" rel="nofollow">View On Black</a>

      In one section ahead the native bush resounded to the calls of the native Tui , Bellbird, Fantail and Kingfisher. Drifting along in the canoe was like being in heaven.



      I grew up in the village you see in the top right of this photo.

      Photo by Br3nda

      Oil painting of Lake Whakamaru


      I want to buy this, but it's US$600.

      Photo by Br3nda
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    • Running 1:38'35.9 Average heart rate 167 bpm, 20.81 km

      New Plymouth Half Marathon, P.B achieved. Undulating loop course from city outskirts into the country and back.

    • 032606noviembre2010-IMG_1094.jpg

      Photo by julencin2000
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    • Trail running 2:11'20.8 Average heart rate 163 bpm, 21.43 km

      challenging half marathon trail run event through the Rotorua Whakarewarewa Redwoods Forest. Very happy with time and the way I ran.

    • Redwood Forests of Rotorua


      <a href="" rel="nofollow">See where this picture was taken.</a> <a href="">[?]</a>

      Photo by rengber

      New Zealand 2006/2007


      Neuseeland - New Zealand Roturoa - Redwood Forest in Roturoa - ein riesiger Wald gigantischer aus Kalifornien stammender Rotholzbäume - 90 Jahre alt und riesen groß.

      Redwood Forest

      Photo by macronix



      Redwood forest in Rotorua

      Photo by vanou
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    • Trail running 2:54'20.1, 24.58 km

      Tough event but awesome trail run. Great scenery through the volcanic plateau. Great downhills, hard inclines and every surface imaginable.

    • Peaking out.


      Spotting Mt Ngauruhoe on the way back from Ruapehu.

      Photo by Hot Meteor



      Taken at Latitude/Longitude:-39.224256/175.540639. 2.71 km South Whakapapa Village Wellington New Zealand <a href="" rel="nofollow"> (Map link)</a>

      Photo by 123_456


      Photo by julencin2000



      Taken at Latitude/Longitude:-39.224400/175.540821. 2.73 km South Whakapapa Village Wellington New Zealand <a href="" rel="nofollow"> (Map link)</a>

      Photo by 123_456
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    • richardp213

      2.7.2013 @ glynn_taylor

      Great moves and pretty regular too failure is just another opportunity to improve oneself.. trail running rocks

    • cruzin_gramps

      29.6.2013 @ Move 29.6.2013

      Nice run. Looks like some interesting terrain.

    • CraigThom

      17.1.2013 @ Move 10.11.2012

      Great run Glynn!

    • cruzin_gramps

      13.1.2013 @ Move 13.1.2013

      Excellent run! Thanks for sharing the pics

    • CocoFlux

      11.10.2012 @ Move 11.10.2012

      Judging from your HR, you did an awesome job! Which exercises did you do?

      • glynn_taylor


        we usually start out with 50 push ups, 50 crunches, 50 ladder climbs and 25 burpees or similar. Then combine sets of cardio (200-400m runs) with upper body strength work out. Throw in boxing and core strength exercises and you certainly feel buggered by the end of the class.

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