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Male, 28 years, Coolbellup, Australia
Boxing, Circuit training, Cycling… (+6 more)

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    • NatalieD

      15.6.2011 @ coads6

      add your moves mr! its motivating!

    • coads6

      19.4.2011 @ coads6

      Going to aim for 31hrs of exercise in one month this year. Tafes got to stop getting in the way though. If you think about it, they ask for 30min of physical exercise a day on T.V. which is 15hrs a month and i/we barely manage to ever get near that. Raising the bar on achieving!

    • NatalieD

      21.3.2011 @ Move 20.3.2011

      congrats on completeing this. So proud of you!

    • NatalieD

      10.3.2011 @ Move 7.3.2011

      what did u do?

    • NatalieD

      8.3.2011 @ Move 5.3.2011

      loved the scars you brought home haha

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