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Male, 44 years
Football, Running, Weight training

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    • NielsKuehnemann

      20.1.2012 @ sjcrugby

      Hello sir. I finally managed to load my moves onto the site. sorry for the delay.

    • dylanpotgieter

      28.12.2011 @ sjcrugby

      Hello sir. I am going on a hike in the drakensburg tommorow with Tom and so we will only be able to update our moves next tuesday. Thank you.

    • ThomasWorkman

      27.12.2011 @ sjcrugby

      Hello Sir. I'm still having some issues with running. Hoping to be able to start running properly in January. I'm still trying to keep fit however by rowing, boxing and swimming. Thank you sir, enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    • wesant

      23.12.2011 @ sjcrugby

      Morning sir. been running every day, I don't have access to a USB port so will upload as soon as possible. I don't have access to a gym so have been doing body weight exercises and running. Then I have also been doing slot of swimming, and played in S.A.champs. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and have a merry Christmas. Wesley

    • NielsKuehnemann

      7.12.2011 @ sjcrugby

      sir, I misplaced my heart-rate monitor and only found it yesterday so I haven't logged any of my workouts, but have been going to basketball with Pele from the 4th.

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