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Male, 40 years, Seri Kembangan, Malaysia
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    35:08 h

    188.4 km

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  • Greatest Moves

    • Running 6:29'41.6, 48.98 km

      Route 68 50km Category. Cramp symptom attacked few time after 15k uphill but manage to survive it, thanks to carbo load and nutrition correction. Mileage preparation is an issue too, clocked longest lsd was one 28k and a 34km before event is definitely not enough, i believe need at least two 40k. Overall is happy for time is half hour faster than last year and body condition so far so good.

    • Running 2:22'35.8, 23.02 km

      23km Long Run Padang Merbok to Hartamas. PB avg pace 6'11. With Edward, Marcus, Derek, Hon, Chuan, Yvonne, San, CF, Mee and KC. Last fastest is 14.2.2016 Avg 6'12

    • Running 6:54'51.7, 48.68 km

      Route 68 50km Category. Official time 6:54:38 My first experience in ultra event. Happy to meet buddy Warren Mok today.Will come back next year.. Love the green and calm route here ~ !

    • Running 0:56'08.1, 10.05 km

      Mizuno 10k Putrajaya Water Sports Complex Precint 6.

    • Running 0:57'08.4, 10.22 km

      Setia Alam Puma Nite Run. After 57minute, road closure and event cancelled due to bad weather.

    • Triathlon 1:31'45.6, 25.75 km

      Sprint Distance; 750meter swim (13mnt) -- Beach run & Transition (4mnt), 20km bike (43mnt) -- Transition (2mnt) -- 5km run (30mnt). First time participated in triathlon. Awesome feel getting it done !

    • Running 4:23'59.4, 42.59 km

      Kuching Marathon. Best run and best form so far. Happy to achieve this PB.

    • Running 4:27'02.6, 43.31 km

      Shanghai 2013 International Marathon. My first time running oversea and in cool weather. Face and lips were so pale even before the race start. It was very cool for me until i forgotten all my pace, just run it to get myself warm and warmer. Leg is all good with no cramp or pain with the cushioning shoes but after 30km feel the tired and fingers felt numb due to cool..:)) The supporter was awesome, they were at everywhere from the start to the finished line to cheers up runner. I did enjoyed the race and the atmosphere so well, feeling Happy... !

    • Trekking 3:01'42.5 Average heart rate 130 bpm, 2.73 km

      Laban Rata to Summit Mount Kinabalu. The ascending trip to summit this time is very comfortable, easy pace and able to view the millions star on clear skies & catch up few meteor flying too. Love the Nature !

    • Running 2:04'59.4 Average heart rate 163 bpm, 21.24 km

      APBIM Penang Half Marathon. Very humid, it's tough to run on this bridge during midnite. Other than that, all good, all went well, but run until km 15, feel energy so low, oh.. i forgot eat my powergel at km 8. At km 15 should be my second gel intake. Haha.. perhaps too nervous during run.. Very happy with the result and it's a great experience to run here. Definitely will be back next year to run 42km.. See u there ! ChipTime : 02:04:57.81 GunTime : 02:07:53.10 Ranking : 278/5705

    • Running 4:47'45.7 Average heart rate 155 bpm, 42.20 km

      My first Full Marathon.. hope can finish in 5.30 hours.. but today is a smooth run.. just keep in mind steady and stop at every 2km for water & 100plus. So happy can able finished it earlier. Definitely the happiest event run after bought Suunto watch to learn running.

    • Trekking 3:35'15.2 Average heart rate 125 bpm, 5.27 km

      Unplanned Second Attempt To Peak 2nd night staying at Gunting Lagadan and we planned to hike peak once only & next day fully rest in order to hike down to park easy & smooth. But in the middle of the night, 2am, 2.30 and 3am.... a lot of hikers sound who prepare to the peak wake me up.. And what i'm waiting for ? Get my teeth brushes, grab my shoes & power bar .... Go For it ! The Sunrise Will Never Be The Same Everyday ! Hiking up alone, took 1hr 47mnt reach peak Amazing view Pay Off !

    • Trekking 2:18'28.4 Average heart rate 128 bpm, 1.83 km

      1.30am wake up call Light Breakfast + Powerbar at Gunting Lagadan 3323meter 2.15am Start hiking to Peak, from Gunting Lagadan go thru check point Sayat Sayat 3668meter then to Low's Peak 4095meter. Total 2.5km from Laban Rata to Low's Peak. Being the first one who reached peak : The Good is spending time watching the sky full of millions star and can look at the far long fireflies light of hikers coming nearby slowly. Bad is catch Cold, 3'C up here and the wind is not giving you an easy time.

    • Trekking 4:16'03.5 Average heart rate 126 bpm, 6.52 km

      This is my 5th trip to Mount Kinabalu and with 23 participants. Two of them is long time friend since Standard One, age 7 until Form 5 age 17. It's amazing day to hike together with them after almost 20years lost contact. Start hiking from Timpohon Gate 1866meter to Laban Ratan 3272meter, then to Gunting Lagadan rest house 3323meter. Spend first night here. I never saw comet in my life, tonight the sky is full of star and i noticed 8 comets flying. What a Wonderful Night !!

    • Trail running 0:36'57.1 Average heart rate 166 bpm, 5.01 km

      Reference A : TRAIL RUNNING Bukit Serdang Standard Route 5KM Parking to 1st Hut, 2nd Hut, Pond, TNB Tower (Rubber Farm) till inside Palm oil Estate and out back return. 5KM Total )

    • Trekking 1:03'29.7 Average heart rate 123 bpm, 5.02 km

      Reference B : TREKKING : Bukit Serdang Standard Route 5KM Parking to 1st Hut, 2nd Hut, Pond, TNB Tower (Rubber Farm) till inside Palm oil Estate and out back return. 5KM Total ) (With Win Wong and WsLoh )

    • Trekking 3:20'22.6 Average heart rate 109 bpm, 10.18 km

      Serdang Hill Trekking, Target : Training Vikki (9yrs old) but the first hour meet & help community rebuild the Hut at Peak, woodwork. Vikki Hiking & T.Run 2 hours with me later. Very tough training for her, harder than Puchong 3hrs hiking.

    • Trekking 8:25'03.7 Average heart rate 100 bpm, 16.32 km

      Mount Nuang Trekking, Peak 1495meter. Our target: Camp Pacat 1036meter with Win, WSLoh, Eric, Thien. 4 of them are 1st timer hiking in a mountain & we reached target with 4hrs up. Although my usual time is within 2hrs to Pacat, i set this as Greatest Move becoz definitely it's not easy job for them. Bravo for their success & We'll come back again.

    • Running 1:05'40.3 Average heart rate 161 bpm, 10.02 km

      Nike We Run KL 10KM with Onn, Keong, Fong & Bkt Jalil runners, Start from the far end behind, above 10,000 runners today, Great Event Great Organize. (My 3rd run event)

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      Welcome to all new members of Orca Pod. Happy Swimming everyone :-)

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      11 Sep 2011...Salomon X-Trail Run 10km - 1st Run Event 1hr 20mnt. Push Hell Crazy Like Loose Donkey.. What to do, everyone have their wildest dream... :) 15 Oct 2011...BSN Putrajaya Night Run 21km, 2nd Event 2:33 27 Nov 2011...Nike We Run KL 10km, 3rd Event 1:05 Jan 01...Newton Challenge New Year Run 25km, 2:57 Jan 08...Multi Purpose Insurance Run 12km, 1:13 Jan 15...Mizuno Wave Run 10km, 1:01 June 24...Standard Chartered KL Marathon 42km, 1st FM 4:47 Jul 8...Olympic Day Fun Run 7km, 0:49 Jul 15...Seremban Half Marathon 20.2km, 2:08 Sep 9...Adidas KOTR 16.8km, 1:41 Sep 30...Salomon X-Trail Run 10km, 1:10 Oct 13...Nike We Run KL 10km, 0:59 Oct 20...Putrajaya Night Run 10km, 1:05 Oct 28...Pacesetters Back to Basic 30km, 3:38 Nov 18...Penang PBIM Half Marathon, 2:04 Dec 30...Newton Challenge Year End Run 25km, DNS Jan 6, 2013...MPIB Multi Purpose Insurance Run 12km, 1:06

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      Jan 6...MPIB Run 12km ~ Pdg Merbok Mar 3...Brooks Half Marathon ~ Stadium National Bkt Jalil Apr 21~24...Mt.Kinabalu Trip ~ Sabah Borneo Apr 28...Bidor Half Marathon ~ Perak Jun 09...Mizuno Wave Run 16km ~ Putrajaya Jun 23...MAEPS Trail Run 12km ~ Serdang UPM Sep 01...The River Jungle Marathon ~ Bt 18, Hulu Langat Sep 07...Men's Health Run 12km ~ Putrajaya Sep 15...Mac'Donald Fun Run 10km ~ Pdg Merbok Sep 29...Standard Chartered KL Marathon ~ Dataran Merdeka Oct 20...Adidas King of The Road 16.8km ~ NPE Highway Nov 03...2XU Compression Run 15km ~ Pdg Merbok Nov 10...Salomon X-trail Run 10km ~ Serdang UPM Nov 17...Penang APBIM Marathon Dec 01... Shanghai Marathon Dec 29...Newton Challenge 25km

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