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Male, 41 years, Raisio, Finland
Martial arts, Pool swimming, Stretching… (+2 more)

Training 4-5 times a week at the Naantalin Taekwondo. Gym is my second favorite, with 3-4 sessions a week. Prefer intensive workouts without long pauses.

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    • rhnatiuk

      23.1.2012 @ Move 20.1.2012

      Well, I am doing it in a "non-orthodox" way, so to say. Normally I do three sets of two or three exercises (ten repetitions each) with about 15-20 seconds breaks, and then, after 20-40 seconds, move to the next "mini-cycle" of different two-three exercises, and so on, for about an hour. Each time it is a whole-body workout. Sweating like a pig! :) So, despite I train in a gym with free weights and machines, it feels more like cardio, though a heavy one.

    • VickyJ

      21.1.2012 @ Move 20.1.2012

      thats some hr for a weights session. :-)

    • VickyJ

      29.12.2011 @ rhnatiuk

      I love the new hat!

      • rhnatiuk


        ¡Muchas gracias, señora! :D

    • VickyJ

      19.12.2011 @ rhnatiuk

      Hi rhnatiuk. I notice you have not logged a move for two weeks. I hope you are okay.

      • rhnatiuk


        Hi Vicky, and thanks for asking! I have been at my winter vacation. Gran Canaria is super-cool!!! :D I mean it is super-warm... Nevermind. :) New moves are logged now, but there is one severe omission at Movescount - no "Eating" move type! ;) - otherwise I would have a lot more "activity" logged! :) (afraid to go to scales)

    • VickyJ

      6.12.2011 @ rhnatiuk

      thanks for the follow :-)

      • rhnatiuk


        Thanks to you too! :) Seeing how much people like you train is really boosting my motivation! :)

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