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Male, 44 years, Santa Monica, USA
American football, Basketball, Boxing… (+15 more)

javelin throwing, chi gong, green smoothies, finding your limit, great outdoors, challenge, data, assessment, betterment, spirit

  • 13 Moves

    14:54 h

    50.79 km

    6198 kcal

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    • EMulder

      22.5.2012 @ jlal

      How are you? What are you doing now?

    • EMulder

      17.7.2011 @ jlal

      How are you?

    • EMulder

      6.11.2010 @ jlal

      So Yoga. No road cycling? How are you doing? Erik

    • brettco

      1.11.2010 @ jlal

      Hey, i need to get there with my yoga! That's an impressive burn...

    • Mika

      1.11.2010 @ jlal

      Oh yes, busy with all to-dos, but yes, now it is just a download to-do asap.

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