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Male, 43 years, Pori, Finland
Aerobics, Circuit training, Indoor cycling… (+5 more)

Training for fun!

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    • Martial arts 1:59'57.3 Average heart rate 146 bpm

      BodyCombat Marathon 2hours of pure fun & sweat

    • Indoor cycling 2:11'22.5 Average heart rate 134 bpm

      KONEHUONE ESITTÄÄ: KONEHUONE - ROAD TO EL TEIDE 120', Kaksi tuntia taattua, tinkimätöntä KONEHUONE Specialia. Aivotonta, hullua ja taatusti hauskaa!

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      The Season is coming alive! Hope everyone have done their winter training properly and ready to meet all the adventures the summer has to offer!

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