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Male, 49 years, Leichhardt, Australia
Running, Trail running

I am currently focussing on base training for full and ultra marathons in 2016. Getting back the base ...

  • 19 Moves

    24:46 h

    232.0 km

    12170 kcal

  • Greatest Moves

    • Running 1:39'04 Average heart rate 180 bpm, 21.36 km

      GCAM 2015 GCAM 2015 Half Marathon - PB

    • Trail running 7:15'10.2 Average heart rate 162 bpm, 50.00 km

      TNF50 Australia

    • Trail running 3:59'01.3 Average heart rate 161 bpm, 25.07 km

      Mount Roy, Wanaka NZ

    • 21.8.2014

      Precarious views to the north-west and Glendhu Bay


      Hit the snow line on the trail


      No photo ever does justice to the gradient


      More north-west looking photos


      Looking east to Wanaka town


      Snow and grade


      An archetypal NZ photo

    • Running 1:40'33.8 Average heart rate 180 bpm, 21.32 km

      Gold Coast half-marathon. I think this is my second best time.

    • Running 1:42'53.5 Average heart rate 177 bpm, 21.25 km

      Very happy with this one - Gold Coast Half Marathon. Thought I would be hard pressed to go under 1:45 given all the long slow distance - but managed to get a bit of speed back. Not my fastest time for a 1/2 but felt very in control!

    • Running 5:11'41.2 Average heart rate 172 bpm, 50.44 km

      Australian Running Festival. Came through marathon in 4.08 then slowed down a bit. Happy to have finished.

    • Trail running 4:01'42.6 Average heart rate 154 bpm, 32.68 km

      Top run with Craig. Bowen Mt to Bilpin. Some superb grades - but have to get fitter if I want to go the distance!

    • Running 4:08'16.2 Average heart rate 166 bpm, 42.94 km

      Sydney Marathon - disappointed with the outcome the graphs tell it all but happy to finish all the same. Some good lessons learned about the sort of preparation that works for me.

    • Running 1:41'38.7 Average heart rate 186 bpm, 21.68 km

      SMH HM 2012. Time a bit down on last year - worked hard on this new course & overall happy with my effort.

    • Running 3:44'33.7, 42.20 km

      Canberra Marathon PB - very happy - but forgot my HR strap!

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