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Male, 20 years, Zakopane, Poland
Crosscountry skiing, Cycling, Indoor cycling… (+5 more)

"Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future"

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    • hvn_4

      5.8.2013 @ kacor14


      Suunto is interested to get feedback from soccer users, to develop soccer specific features. Do you have time to aswer questions at

      Best regards, Suunto concept development team

    • bart_siuda

      5.9.2012 @ kacor14

      chyba masz jakis blad w swoim zapisie .... prosze sprawdz. 30h ? weight training w 3 partiach ?

      • kacor14


        ok - dzięki :) czasem mi sie zdarzy wpisać coś nie tak...

    • momo74

      12.12.2011 @ kacor14


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      Welcome! Let's share with the enjoyment of the cross-country skiing and the roller skiing each other.

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      Share with us your most favorite sport/activity in the shoutbox! Also if you would like to emphasize your specific activity: use the shout box. This time it is funny to see that "Roanne" changed his team activity rugby into triathlon while "MichalBeranek" does the HEAT program, fitness as a team. Nice guys, keep on doing your thing! Which of you has done a bungy jump, measured with your T3? And if you will, don't forget to set your interval #1 at 15 sec and interval #2 at OFF.

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