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Male, 45 years
Free diving

AIDA Individual Depth World Championship 2011 in Kalamata, Greece. Freedives of the CWT on September 22nd, 2011.

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    • Free diving 0:03'21

      Guillaume Nery (FRA) won the CWT AIDA world championships with this 117m dive. From the official press release: "Nery’s world championship winning dive of 117m was celebrated by his teammates, who sung and threw the champion ceremoniously back into the water. He only won by a whisker though, with second placed Carlos Coste’s (VEN) dive coming close with 116m. The Venezuelan diver still set a record though."

    • Free diving 0:03'08

      Natalia Molchanova's new world record. From the official press release: "Current world record holder Molchanova broke her existing record by a single meter, reaching 101m. In spite of the rough seas and low visibility, Molchanova’s dive was well executed and was quickly verified by an official AIDA Suunto dive computer."