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  • 19.9.2011
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      William Trubridge successfully defended his CNF title with a dive to 93m in 3'43". He had a scare 6 minutes before the dive when he flooded his sinuses and eustachian tubes by tilting my head back (to empty bubbles from my cap) without having my nose clip on. This meant he was blowing water out his nose for most of the remaining minutes before official top, and during the descent he had to force equalisation already at 10 meters. "I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I would be turning early when the ears inevitably got stuck with all the water and mucous. Luckily it became easier to equalise, and when I turned at the plate I knew it was going to be a clean dive, so I settled in and enjoyed the ascent. Thanks to Igor Liberti for coaching me in the water, and congratulations to Michal Rislan (84m) and Morgan Bourc'his (80m)!" he said after the competition

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