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  • 3.9.2013
    • Trail running 0:52'54, 5.97 km
      Short test with Mbody Live during trail run. A GREAT EXAMPLE: my right hamstring was soring when starting the exercise. It took several minutes until the muscle loading was at least somewhat evenly balanced between L/R hams - and nearly 30 min to make it "normal". Correlation between muscle load and speed is also obvious
    • Cross-country skiing 3:43'23.6 Average heart rate 161 bpm, 70.00 km
      X-country skiing, 70km marathon race, style: skating. My 3rd real skirace ever! Time: 3.36.56, place:37th (81st race category combined). Excellent feeling, although back pain (and the numbness on right leg) did trouble time to time. Still, compared to the situation 2weeks earlier when I could barely walk, this was a miracle! Good weather, excellent race, nice people, with friends - couldn't wish4more. Memory got full, a mistake. Would have been nice to see the whole data from the race, though.
    • Roller skating 1:47'28.7 Average heart rate 164 bpm, 41.20 km
      Kuopio Marathon 2009 / Nordic blading - full marathon. Time 1:31:10, place 4th. Probably only 10th time on skates this summer and the very 1st on full throttle = did really overcome myself! So close to podium (only 2 secs) but no excuses, couldn't do any better. Next time, however, need new skates & especially BIGGER wheels "cause everyone else have too" :) During the race over 66min above the lactate threshold and averHR 170 ..?!? Some race excitement or better condition than assumed..?

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