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Male, 41 years, Valby, Danmark
Cycling, Indoor cycling, Openwater swimming… (+5 more)

Halfmarathon training to begin. Will try my own old program again and go sub 1:40 in 9 weeks at 41 years :-)

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    6964 kcal

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    • Openwater swimming 0:40'23.1, 1.95 km

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    • Running 1:44'02 Average heart rate 156 bpm, 21.30 km

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    • Running 4:05'56.6 Average heart rate 163 bpm, 42.20 km

      Ikke så godt som jeg havde håbet. Det var varmt, varmt, varmt. Pacede for hårdt i begyndelsen og betalte prisen senere :) Jeg skal teste det igen, hvor jeg ikke går så dybt så tidligt. Ændringen fra pulsslag til procent var ikke perfekt timet desværre.

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    • Running 0:46'21.4 Average heart rate 135 bpm, 8.52 km

      Morning run in Jægerspris- COOL both temperatur-wise and scenery. The sun was beginning to think about getting up, and I ran with deers! The distance is waaaaay off as I was running in high sniw and on ice :o)

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    • Running 3:50'43.2 Average heart rate 157 bpm, 42.20 km

      ALOT marathon done. Had a great day on the route. When I ran Berlin I felt like the most desolate person on earth, but this time I had good company which was great. Tried to speed up in the end, but that stayed with the try :o) But for legs that was trained for a halfmarathon I think I did pretty well! New PB :o) My footpod was about 200m off, which is quite okay.

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    • Running 2:31'52.6 Average heart rate 127 bpm, 25.63 km

      This was a cold one... When I looked at the weather this afternoon on DMI it said, that it would rain after midnight - WRONG - it started to rain 19:33! After 10k I was soaked. Ran home and changed to something dry, but that got soaked too :o)

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    • Triathlon 1:11'10.1 Average heart rate 150 bpm, 22.40 km

      My first Triathlon!!!! How cool is that! The weather was really nasty. Lots of winds, 13deg C and heavy rain. Min svømning lader meget tilbage at ønske. Jeg fik begyndende krampe i begge lægge, men det skyldes nok mest, at jeg aldrig fandt min rytme. Lagde ubevidst alt for hårdt ud... Jeg kæmpede lidt rigeligt med læggene under cykling så jeg kunne ikke komme helt op i det røde felt, men hastigheden var okay. Løbet gik som det skulle, selvom jeg kunne mærke, min manglende form :)

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    • Triathlon 1:22'24.5 Average heart rate 146 bpm, 27.50 km

      Biathlon - First 22.32km cycling and then 5km running. Did well and felt good!

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    • Running 0:42'20.7 Average heart rate 140 bpm, 8.01 km

      10*(400m+200m) at the beach in Grenaa - GREAT!!! Lots of sun and the sound of the waves....

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    • Triathlon 5:58'24.9 Average heart rate 147 bpm, 113.0 km

      My first half Ironman ever!!

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    • Running 1:19'45.1 Average heart rate 157 bpm, 15.36 km

      This was great! I was a bit in doubt about my best speeds but I was in between 3:15 and 3.28!

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    • MiFriRa

      4 weeks ago @ Move 4.8.2015

      Imponerende puls!

    • MiFriRa

      28.7.2015 @ Move 26.7.2015

      Flotte intervaller

      • Ibber

        2 weeks ago

        Yep, Yasso800 :)

    • aarnija

      1.7.2015 @ Training Program 10 weeks Half Marathon Training, Goal 1:40

      Hi Ibber, the colours in the training sessions - how you could put these as a % of max heart rate? My maximum is around 172 - maybe this information is somewhere in Suunto pages but I would be happy for this additional information.

      • Ibber


        Well, when I made up the plan I didn't use the colours according to Suunto. For me, at long run of 1 1/2 hour is a 'Very hard' session even though it is run in the 'easy' HR-vise. There are many ways to make your HR-zones and if you know your resting HR and Max HR, then it's just math :)

    • mogilanka

      29.6.2015 @ Training Program 10 weeks Half Marathon Training, Goal 1:40

      you said 'fast half marathon'. how fast exactly? :)

      • Ibber


        In 1 hour 40 minuts :) That is fast for a person like me!

    • accade

      22.4.2015 @ Training Program 10 weeks Half Marathon Training, Goal 1:40

      hi~I wanna know "long run" in this plan is how long? 10KM or more than 15KM? thank you~~

      • Ibber


        When I build this program my thought on the long runs was time, not km. So run them in zone two and see how long they would take you :)

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