• 32 Moves
    76:28 h
    378.1 km
    39246 kcal
  • 24:46'17.7 Trail running

    Rio Del Lago 100

    Knee was a little tender after a few miles. Tried taking off the wrap to see the effect but put it back on after seeing it made it worse. Also had soreness at the top of my foot. After 60 miles and taking another 400mg of ibuprofen, all the discomfort went away and the legs were fine.

    Went out real conservative and used HR to keep my pace in check. After 50 miles though the HR regulated itself (meaning it was always low) so I went by feel. I think it was a wise plan so that I don't burn myself out cardio-wise and having a more even race.

    I didn't feel great like I did at Castle Peak (middle section mainly), but I never had any serious issues either. I had a couple of low points. First was ascending the hill right before Overlook at mife 42-43. Many people passed me here as I was walking slow and their was pain at the top of my foot (right where it joins the leg) and knee was still a little tender. I was wondering how I was going to make it through the...

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    15:46'12.8 Trail running

    Castle Peak 100K. Last 53 miles of the race. Stupidly decided to start another move to get the HR monitor working again but it failed. Just as well though since I felt comfortable running by RPE instead. Felt great most of the race. The Palisades section though towards the end was extremely difficult. I was getting tired (like everyone, sure), it was dark, the altitude was affecting me and it was very steep. Last but not least there were many sections where you had to use a rope to get through some very steep parts and rocky sections. My shoes weren't ideal for this section either. But overall the race was fun. I passed lots of people on the downhills, even though I was only running at 10-12 mile pace. Some of those people re-passed me going up the next hill, so I can see that gravity may be on my side in future races like this. Aid stations were tremendous. Loved this race and hope to be back next year.

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    0:23'49.9 Running

    Marin County Turkey Trot 5K. Only ran it because my granddaughter Gaby was running in the 1 mile kids run. I was totally not into this race and it was obvious that I should still be resting still. My average HR was only 156 which is evidence enough that I am still wore out from the 50 miler 5 days ago. If I were fresh my HR average would be in the mid 170s for this distance.

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    10:50'10 Trail running

    North Face San Francisco Endurance Challenge 50 miler. My first 50 miler, felt pretty good considering, but of course last 10-15 miles were tough. Fell twice and cut myself both times. A 60 year old bleeds a lot easier so it was a hassle constantly wiping off the blood with paper towels on a crowded downhill technical trail. Was hoping for 10:30, but I got close. My watch measured over 51 miler and I think it's right. Only ate M&Ms on the course, but I was very full at the start and my bladder was full of low calorie Gatorade. Now I got to eat some real food, lol. As for the watch, the SSU gave me no trouble whatsoever, no HR dropouts thank goodness. I had 25% battery left at the end. The Stryd battery ran out though toward the end. I estimated my heart could handle 145 bpm on average at that distance and I was close. I think I paced myself well.

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    3:49'35.1 Running

    Santa Rosa Marathon. Felt very good most of the race but (as expected) the last 5 miles was very tough. Slight uphill and the temps climbed into the mid 70's. But still I went fast enough the first 15 miles to get another PR and to have an extra cushion for qualifying for Boston (-5:28). Finished fifth (out of 33) in my age group.

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    6:12'44.6 Trail running

    Golden Gate Trail Run 50K

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    3:18'40.9 Trail running

    Rodeo Valley Trail Run 30K

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    0:22'52.2 Running

    Trick or Trot 5K

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    0:48'05.4 Running

    Tiburon 10K

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  • Greatest Moves
  • 14.7.2018
    • Trail running 4:56'15.8 Average heart rate 138 bpm, 27.42 km
    • Trail running 0:49'06.6 Average heart rate 122 bpm, 6.71 km
    • Trail running 1:13'31.8 Average heart rate 128 bpm, 8.47 km
    • Trail running 1:30'58.2 Average heart rate 155 bpm, 11.36 km
  • 1.7.2018
    • Trail running 1:17'50.6 Average heart rate 135 bpm, 9.58 km
    • Running 4:09'21.2 Average heart rate 164 bpm, 42.51 km
      Santa Rosa Marathon. Decided to run it anyway with a sore knee. Fortunately it loosened up after a couple of miles. Affected my time by maybe 20 minutes or so.
    • Running 4:08'56.9 Average heart rate 152 bpm, 42.58 km
      Napa Valley Marathon. First timer, was hoping for a sub 3:50. Things went bad in 2nd half, the sore hips made it painful. Should've worn my regular shoes instead the lighter racing shoes. Probably started too fast too. Did quite a bit of walking from miles 17 to 23, but sucked it up and finished strong. Learned a lot and hope to do much better in my next one, which is the Santa Rosa on 8/31.
  • 12.12.2015
    • Trekking 14:40'42.9 Average heart rate 115 bpm, 35.41 km
  • 4.9.2015
    • Trekking 15:51'02.7 Average heart rate 119 bpm, 35.41 km
      17.07 miles measured before battery died 14:35 hours measured before battery died
    • Trekking 12:19'01.9 Average heart rate 128 bpm, 35.37 km
    • Trekking 14:52'14.6 Average heart rate 126 bpm, 32.33 km
  • 8.9.2013
    • Trekking 14:16'59.7 Average heart rate 122 bpm, 36.55 km


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