• 22 Moves
    17:53 h
    124.7 km
    9877 kcal
  • 0:23'49.9 Running

    Marin County Turkey Trot 5K. Only ran it because my granddaughter Gaby was running in the 1 mile kids run. I was totally not into this race and it was obvious that I should still be resting still. My average HR was only 156 which is evidence enough that I am still wore out from the 50 miler 5 days ago. If I were fresh my HR average would be in the mid 170s for this distance.

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    10:50'10 Trail running

    North Face San Francisco Endurance Challenge 50 miler. My first 50 miler, felt pretty good considering, but of course last 10-15 miles were tough. Fell twice and cut myself both times. A 60 year old bleeds a lot easier so it was a hassle constantly wiping off the blood with paper towels on a crowded downhill technical trail. Was hoping for 10:30, but I got close. My watch measured over 51 miler and I think it's right. Only ate M&Ms on the course, but I was very full at the start and my bladder was full of low calorie Gatorade. Now I got to eat some real food, lol. As for the watch, the SSU gave me no trouble whatsoever, no HR dropouts thank goodness. I had 25% battery left at the end. The Stryd battery ran out though toward the end. I estimated my heart could handle 145 bpm on average at that distance and I was close. I think I paced myself well.

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    3:49'35.1 Running

    Santa Rosa Marathon. Felt very good most of the race but (as expected) the last 5 miles was very tough. Slight uphill and the temps climbed into the mid 70's. But still I went fast enough the first 15 miles to get another PR and to have an extra cushion for qualifying for Boston (-5:28). Finished fifth (out of 33) in my age group.

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    6:12'44.6 Trail running

    Golden Gate Trail Run 50K

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    3:18'40.9 Trail running

    Rodeo Valley Trail Run 30K

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    0:22'52.2 Running

    Trick or Trot 5K

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    0:48'05.4 Running

    Tiburon 10K

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    3:15'55.7 Trail running

    Golden Gate Trail Run 30K

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    3:15'55.7 Trail running

    Golden Gate Trail Run 30K

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  • Greatest Moves
  • 13.11.2016
    • Running 4:09'21.2 Average heart rate 164 bpm, 42.51 km
      Santa Rosa Marathon. Decided to run it anyway with a sore knee. Fortunately it loosened up after a couple of miles. Affected my time by maybe 20 minutes or so.
    • Running 4:08'56.9 Average heart rate 152 bpm, 42.58 km
      Napa Valley Marathon. First timer, was hoping for a sub 3:50. Things went bad in 2nd half, the sore hips made it painful. Should've worn my regular shoes instead the lighter racing shoes. Probably started too fast too. Did quite a bit of walking from miles 17 to 23, but sucked it up and finished strong. Learned a lot and hope to do much better in my next one, which is the Santa Rosa on 8/31.
  • 14.9.2015
    • Trekking 14:40'42.9 Average heart rate 115 bpm, 35.41 km
  • 23.9.2014
    • Trekking 15:51'02.7 Average heart rate 119 bpm, 35.41 km
      17.07 miles measured before battery died 14:35 hours measured before battery died
    • Trekking 12:19'01.9 Average heart rate 128 bpm, 35.37 km
    • Trekking 14:52'14.6 Average heart rate 126 bpm, 32.33 km
  • 24.8.2013
    • Trekking 14:16'59.7 Average heart rate 122 bpm, 36.55 km

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