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Male, 42 years, Randburg, South Africa
Canoeing, Circuit training, Cricket… (+15 more)

Hockey, MTB and anything adventurous.

  • 6 Moves

    8:57 h

    35.82 km

    5353 kcal

  • Greatest Moves

    • Running 1:49'30.1 Average heart rate 145 bpm, 5.32 km

      IPT FINAL: SG vs SA u21. SG 4 SA u21 1

    • Running 1:07'27.7 Average heart rate 135 bpm, 4.18 km

      5th Test. South Africa vs. India.

    • Running 1:25'10.8 Average heart rate 150 bpm, 6.81 km

      Semi Final: Southerns vs WP

    • Running 1:22'39.9 Average heart rate 156 bpm, 7.03 km

      Southerns vs Norherns Bronze medal Match

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      Hi Everyone. What a day for all those who did IRONMAN SOUTH AFRICA. It sounds like the new bike route made a great change of scenery and in true PE fashion the wind reared its ugly head. So to those who felt a little disappointed with slower times, don’t be. The UCI MTB world cup was held at PMB at the week-end, with local downhill hero Greg Minaar making the podiums last step. There are two weeks to Tour Durban. So to the Durban locals I hope you are going to take advantage of the full road closure and take a tour of Durban. For those upcountry people, you welcome to join the fun. Until later Crusty Guy.

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      Hope you Lads are training hard!!!

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      Stay sharp for the 2013 pre season tour guys! Fittest team goes!

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      The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

      Suunto Breakfast rides

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      Next ride is Saturday the 30th June. Please join the event

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