• 93 Moves
    49:35 h
    245.0 km
    5416 kcal
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  • 29.4.2018
    • Multisport 1:18'54.1 Average heart rate 162 bpm, 29.39 km
      Dooby Du Duathlon Time: 1:21:20 Overall Place: 30 of 132 Male: 29 of 107 Male 35-39: 1 of 3 (1st place was overall Male winner) 2.5K run: 13:17 T1: 1:06 Bike: 40:14 T2: 1:20 5K Run: 25:25 1st Run: Plan was to be smooth for the first run and not blow up as I have in the past. Check that box. Controlled my tempo maybe a little fast but felt good and not pressing. Bike: Plan was to small ring the first lap and plot my way. 2nd lap was big ring bust it. Actually went to plan small ring plot went good tracked the road and wind. Busted the 2nd loop to perfection. Temperature and the wind ate into my body. Could have done it fast, Really happy with the ride overall. 2nd Run: Plan find legs and bust it. I'll take 7:48, 7:58, 7:55. First mile was good felt relaxed, second became a struggle, and third got a Go Green, Go White jolt. Really happen, should have taken the gel on the bike to kick in. Overall I love this first test of the season. I feel really good with training, life, and my head. Looking forward to the season.
    • Triathlon 5:57'02.7, 112.9 km
      Rev3 Cedar Point - Half 5:55:21 Swim - 1.2 mi 44.28 - 2:18/100m Division (M35-39): 19 of 37 Gender (M): 112 of 228 Overall: 151 of 327 Water temp was 76 degrees far cry from Racine of 59 at Racine. Felt good in the water. With the course move to the marina, buoys were stretched and were very hard to sight. Pre-race fueling held no energy lost. Real need those prescription goggles Got stripped and put my 3-Sums on for the .54 mile run to transition. Can't believe people did that run in bare feet T1: 6.22 Only slip-up was throwing my suit in the tray of the athlete next to me. Not used to the single tire racks that Rev3 uses. Bike - 55.9 2:46:20 - 20.16 mph Division (M35-39): 17 of 37 Gender (M): 74 of 228 Overall: 81 of 327 Very proud of my bike. Nailed fueling (should have drank more mix 4 to 5 gulps then my 2 to 3). Roads were rough and open. To me MI roads are not the best but the first/final 5 miles were really unrideable. The stretch on Fox Rd where it was just ground ate up quite a few tire. All the bike training paid off, stayed within myself. T2: 2:09 First time putting on socks and tying shoes think I did pretty good. Run - 13.3 mi 2:16:03 - 10:14 per mi Division (M35-39): 23 of 37 Gender (M): 109 of 228 Overall: 131 of 327 Best I have every felt coming off a bike, short lived cramps came on at 1.2 mile. Little faster then plan going out then leg hamstring cramp slowed me. tried to get salt in the body but it was a little late. Managed the discomfort and fought on. at mile 9 right quad started to cramp. take sol lose in the fact I beat my Racine time by 10 min. Very successful Half. Surprised myself on the bike but that was just the concerted training effort. Learned a lot about my fueling when putting in mega bike effort. So glad to share with Pops, Anna, and Ayralee. No Half/70.3 in 2017 maybe the Triple T. 2018 goal will be Full Aquabike. #embracethesuck
    • Multisport 1:39'25.7, 17.65 km
      Battle of Waterloo legs 7-10 This move started with a 35 min lightening delay. Tried to keep moving but to no eval. The lactic acid build up was just no much. Pain was deep thru the last couple legs. Leg 7 Swim .7 miles: Long swim made difficult by the heavy rain. Hips were on fire for the whole leg. Leg 8 Run 3.3 miles: Probably the most torturous leg of the whole event. A couple long climbs and the dirt roads were muddy making them a little challenging. Got thru. Leg 9 Bike 5.8 miles: Started on an up hill in the wrong gear. Kept pushing and turned in a decent speed for being torn up. Leg 10 Run 1.4 miles: Home stretch. The finish line never looked so good.
    • Multisport 1:14'55.9, 10.54 km
      Battle of Waterloo legs 4-6 Leg 4 Run 4.0 miles: Trail run was really fun. Had my Tri flats so concentration was needed to stay balanced and moving. Leg 5 Swim .25 miles: Not a swim, slow crawl thru lilly pads and a mucky sand bar. Felt like throwing up 2 times. Got through but not very fun at all. Leg 6 Run 3.4 miles: Back on the trails. Not bad.
  • 24.7.2016
    • Multisport 1:32'51.8, 34.51 km
      Battle of Waterloo Leg 1-3 Leg 1 Run 1.4 miles: Started of with 149 of my closet friends. Med speed out long day ahead. Leg 2 Bike 20.5 miles: Rough roads made it a very difficult bike. My aero bars turned into a V. Kept my speed and felt good. Kept rolling on. Leg 3 Swim .5 miles Great lake swim. Clean and clear. Not like the rest of the day.
    • Triathlon 2:47'18.5, 53.39 km
      36th SeaHorse Challenge Triathlon - Oly Climax, MI 2:51:27 O: 22 of 58 M: 21 of 38 M35-39: 2 of 5 S: 32:42 (2:11) T1: 2:34 B: 1:19:10 (19.9) T2: 1:29 R: 55:34 (8:26) Beautifull morning for a tri, low 50s and overcast. Swim All about slow and steady. Not pushing, felt in control. Added my customery yads for poor sighting. But never felt better exiting the water. Bike Stick to the plan. First lap no push, just small gear and be within the gear. Second lap, let it rip. Run The cross country course was a challenge but fun. Had the wrong shoes, slide once. All and all a great season opener. Need to add some bricks to be ready for the next transition.
    • Running 1:49'19.3 Average heart rate 178 bpm, 21.24 km
      Churchills Half Marathon - Ego and Will 1:49:14 232 of 940 overall 22 of 67 M30-34 179 of 484 M When I got to the race and saw there were pacers I said to myself, 1:45 is doable (The Ego). It was for about 5 miles then I eventually got dropped, felt good but knew at that point was not going to happen with the hills at the end. So I found my pace and was not going to be caught by the 1:50 group. Found new people to pace and stayed with till mile 9, 10 and the last at 11.7. Will kept me going (really needed that 4 th gel that I left in the truck) never did see that 1:50 group and was proud of the finish. Could not even cross the line and begin analyzing the race and strategy. But after talking to my dad ("you ran a 8'16 pace, enjoy it") and looking at a pic of the daughter sent by my beautiful wife, I will enjoy it and be proud.
    • Trail running 0:48'38.2 Average heart rate 171 bpm, 7.28 km
      Rugged Man Trail race at Highland Rec 48:34.1 over a 4.8 mile course Overall: 38 of 117 Male 30-39: 10 of 18 First what a gorgeous day and to have Anna run as well was awesome. Highland Rec MTN Trail is tough with all the hills, rocks, roots, and the leaves. Made my own pace moving through the first couple miles. Then around 2.25 caught up to a group and the twists and turns made passing impossible, tried as I may. Felt great at the end could have pushed but not with the group in. Improved 5.5 min over last year, keep that time coming down. So proud of Anna. Only her 2nd trail race and she did awesome.
  • 16.8.2015
    • Triathlon 2:44'42.6, 51.47 km
      2:47:57 Swim: 30.56 T1: 1:45 Bike: 1:15:49 T2: 1:26 Run: 58:04 41 of 101 Overall 3 of 10 Male 35-39 Swim Still had a hell of a time with sighting. (might need to get Rx goggles next year). Tried just to glide all the way around. Poor course design, the Olympic swimmer run into the Sprint athletes on their 2nd lap of the .5 mi course. I swam good and felt good about that, but sighting was terrible, things to work on. Bike Know the ILRA course like the back of my hand. Nailed the first lap. Secomd lap not so much. really need to get a new hydration system for the aero bars. Feel I lacked the nutrition availability to peak preform. Stayed with it and finished strong. Run A run to forget.... Tried to slow pace out and maintain but Fri's 2nd 5k to more out of me then I could have imagined. Never walked and made it though. Enough said. Not a bad event for the money. Most economical around the area.
    • Triathlon 6:07'48, 109.2 km
      Ironman Racine 70.3 6:28:27 Swim 39:42 Division (M35-39): 144 of 228 Gender (M): 899 of 1255 Overall: 1236 of 2043 Chilly 60 degrees start to the swim course. Had plenty of time to warm up with my start 1:07 past the pro. Entered the water good. Got into my swim groove and motored. Had my usual sighting problem (.12 mi added to the course). Got out of the water as my hand made contact with the bottom must have been a sand bar, because there was about 30 yds to wade through. All in all a good start. T1: 5:59 Long run from beach to the paddock. Wet suit strippers help with the time. But just getting there was long. Asphalt with sandy feet was not happy. Bike 3:06:54 Division (M35-39): 144 of 228 Gender (M): 837 of 1255 Overall: 1087 of 2043 The bike started with a steep uphill right out of the paddock. Had the bike set to a low gear and cruised up. The roads of Racine were as good as the roads of MI. Chain popped off during and up shift while I hit a pot hole, fixed and got back ridding. Rolling course that was fair. Pretty nerous about getting a penalty with all the official on bike riding around. First time doing a bottle pick-up, slowed and got the first. But on the second the lady held a little longer and I think she fell. Fueling plan worked as should. Need a better front Hydro system, was splashing all over the place. Did not push the bike, wanted to save my legs for the run. Did not break my 3 hr goal but good first 70.3 bike course. T2: 7:59 Made my way down the steep hill and did not fall off my bike victory. Made it too my station. Took a little bit longer then normal, wore the Vibrams, which I am ok with. Sun screen added to the time as well. Run 2:27:53 Division (M35-39): 162 of 228 Gender (M): 899 of 1255 Overall: 1236 of 2043 The run started off with 2 up hill sections. Started off the run with a 9:26 mile on bike legs. Felt a stich that ran from my right Pec down my abdomen and was there the rest of the run. Try a couple of time to get my pace up but the stich hurt. So I just found a pace that I could tolerate and ran. Used the aid stations and my HS gels. Not the run I wanted (pace) but first 70.3 so I was happy. No real running in heat for training so the 88 degrees felt insane. Water dumps, cooling sprinklers from the Racine residents, and ice sponges got my through.
    • Triathlon 2:34'31.2, 49.68 km
      Motor City Triathlon 2:50:56 (14 of 20) (95 of 182) Swim - 31:19 2:06 (9 of 20) (91 of 182) Bike - 1:21:44 17.6 (16 of 20) (141 of 182) Run - 52:21 8:26 (10 of 20) (67 of 182) Swim The water temp at the start of the race was 63 degrees (I think it was a little lower) Got a kick to the chest at the start of the swim and it took my breath away. Had a couple mini cold water shortness of breath in the first 750 m. After that I got into a rhythm and finished strong. Bike Bike started off well. Good feel out first lap. Second lap I made the adjustments (shifting, cornering and such). Third lap and the wheels of the day came off. Mid lap I got a flat (looks like a half of a staple on inspection). So I went into no DNF mode. Replaced tube and ready to air and the CO2 was a dud. A racer stopped and offered a new CO2. Got it working and a little chain maintenance, off we go. (11:15) finished strong. Run Started off way too fast (trying to make up for lost time). Felt a little dead legs 3 to 4 mi. Then got into my Ayralee floating mindset. Finished strong in many down pours.
    • Triathlon 2:29'14.1, 48.57 km
      First Oly Triathlon Belle Isle, Detroit, MI 3 Discipline Event
  • 16.7.2014

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