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Female, 41 years, Oulu, Finland
Circuit training, Cross-country skiing, Cycling… (+19 more)

I love x-country and x-country loves me!

Goal: To become faster and stronger x-country skier and mtb-rider. Motivation: I love outdoor sports and nature & have a 100y plan for life.

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  • 1:39'04.2 Nordic walking

    6 days ago

    Nordic walking on trails and paths. Nice! :-)

    Photo by PaiviL

    2:16'29.9 Mountain biking

    1 week(s) ago

    Easy ride around Oulu southern paths

    Photo by PaiviL

    2:16'27.3 Trail running

    2 week(s) ago

    Walking,running on trails and paths,abs on outdoor gym, running, walking.. Nice and easy. :-)

    Photo by PaiviL

    1:07'44.7 Mountain biking

    2 week(s) ago
    Photo by PaiviL

    1:18'45.9 Multisport

    3 week(s) ago

    Nordic walking to outdoor gym, then a strength workout and jogging and walking back. Really nice! :-)

    Photo by PaiviL

    1:18'45.9 Multisport

    3 week(s) ago

    Nordic walking to outdoor gym, then a strength workout and jogging and walking back. Really nice! :-)

    Photo by PaiviL

    1:25'45.6 Mountain biking

    3 week(s) ago

    Tuttuja helppoja kivikoita ja juurakoita.. Löysin uuden raivatun polun, jossa loppui taidot kesken kaiken. Pahaa juurakkoa, ojia ja möykkyjä. Tänä kesänä pitää päästä taluttamatta läpi! :-)

    I found a new challenging track, which I couldn´t ride. Too diffcult for now, but I need to train and I promised myself to ride it by September! I got a few bruises, and got all soaked, but who cares! :-)

    Photo by PaiviL

    1:59'35.3 Multisport


    Nordic walkin and gym

    Photo by PaiviL

    3:15'40.5 Mountain biking


    I'll have my doctoral defence tomorrow, so I needed to relax on my mtb. :-)

    Photo by PaiviL

    4:42'25.5 Cross-country skiing


    Season´s last ski at Syöte. Jeez.. all kinds of tracks. We skied 20k on undone sticky off track in Ahmakallio. It was more like ski touring and walking rather than skiing. :D

    Retkimeiningillä mentiin, kun suksi ei pelannut ja mentiin hangessa. :-)Mutta eipä haittaa, kiva oli. Viime vuonna samaan aikaan hiihdettiin 56km samassa ajassa, keleissä on eroja! :D

    After 3h sun came up and it got really nice and warm.

    Next winter I need to learn how to ski downhills properly. SM5 and Romevaara are t h e places to practise.

    Photo by PaiviL
  • 22 Moves

    31:32 h

    370.0 km

    12473 kcal

  • Greatest Moves

    • Mountain biking 4:27'28.2 Average heart rate 149 bpm, 61.75 km

      Highpoints of the year! Mtb weekend with Taneli and Veikko. :-) We conquered Muovaara. Taneli and Veikko rode it all the way up, but I had to walk. Really heavy stuff! It was really really wet and we got really muddy riding. Paths and swamps were flooding in many places and there was a lot of mosquitos. This was and awesome weekend! :-)

    • 28.6.2015
    • Cross-country skiing 4:45'07.1 Average heart rate 158 bpm, 56.08 km

      Great ski at Iso-Syöte area! :-) I forgot to take Hr belt with me, so I took this data from last weekend´s similar ski. Ambit was about to quit before me, so I had to stop the move too early. I´m glad my husband´s sportstracker did the whole route. Sunny skies, absolutely wonderful day!! Route: Iso-Syöte-Romevaara-Naamankavaaran lenkki Pytkynharjulla-Toraslampi-Ahmatupa-Luontokeskus-Luppovesi-Iso-Syöte

    • 12.4.2015
    • Cross-country skiing 2:27'01.1 Average heart rate 180 bpm, 37.10 km

      Tervahiihto 2015, classic style 37km, 9th place. After 3-5k I had to ski with no grip. So I was double-poling all the way! :-D I had a little flu this week so preparations did not go well. Anyways I´m happy that I participated. :-) At the ladies 40 where I was supposed to be, I would have won the race, but I am very happy with my own ski and with my pace.

    • 7.3.2015
    • Multisport 0:45'28.9 Average heart rate 171 bpm, 6.97 km

      Walking, running, walking. Hr max still 201, which is pretty good for a lady at my age! ;-)

    • Multisport 1:55'28.6 Average heart rate 170 bpm, 10.61 km

      Uphill training with Maija, Jani, Sanna and Peter. Running& jumping& walking uphill with ski poles. Awesome!! Check out our videos on Sanna´s blog:

    • 19.10.2014
    • Mountain biking 5:21'48.7 Average heart rate 153 bpm, 93.59 km

      Enjying my time alone looking for some new paths, which I did find. :-) I rode to the top of Rusko fell just out of curiosity. Perfect spot to make your legs burn. ;-) Hr was kind a high due to a flu that I`ve been recovering.

    • 13.9.2014
    • Mountain biking 5:05'13.2 Average heart rate 151 bpm, 90.05 km

      Kouvervaara Mtb in Kuusamo 90km: Awesomeness.. with Veikko and JaakkoT! :-) Kaikenlaista mahtui reitille: polkua, teknistä juurakkopätkää, rutisevia pitkoksia, neulasbaanaa, metsäteitä, soratietä, heinikkoista röpelöistä ala- ja ylämäkeä-helpotukseksi välillä asfalttiakin. Montaa tasaista kohtaa ei ollut ja JaakkoT kuittailikin että on "merenpohojan asukas ihimeissään" näissä Kuusamon mäissä. Ihan mahtava ja pisin Mtb-reissu tähän asti!

    • Mountain biking 4:10'46 Average heart rate 145 bpm, 71.78 km

      Gravel grinding, rocky paths, old forest roads, some tarmac. Uphill training in Jyrkkäkoski. We saw 6 snakes (1 was alive and huge!) hawk, reindeer, cows, horses and lots of birds. Very nice move. We checked some new routes, which we´ll eplore further later this fall. We need some heavier equipment, can´t go to the swamp in shorts.

    • Multisport 4:55'07.1 Average heart rate 157 bpm, 75.65 km

      Octoberfest with my friend Maija. :-D Trailrunning & fast walking & cycling. Awesome energetic feeling! :-) Recovery session is tonight over a glass of wine@ Maijas.

    • Roller skiing 3:47'18.5 Average heart rate 164 bpm, 48.14 km

      SUN&SKI 50km. :-) Skiing is the most fun you can do with your pants on! Nice& sunny weather and a strong vibe. :-)) Uuuuhhjeaahh!

    • Cycling 4:25'17.4 Average heart rate 149 bpm, 100.7 km

      Celebrating my 1000th move in Mc!! :-) Fantastic summer weather. I saw a transvestite in a fancy dress and huge dotted hat riding a grannybike in Madekoski country roads by the fields and also snakes (alive and dead) and lots of cyclists in good mood waving at each other. :-) SWEET!! :-)) I stopped at home after 65k to eat a banana and drink a glass of apple juice. I also had 1l of water with me on a bike.

    • Mountain biking 3:29'21.7 Average heart rate 162 bpm, 52.73 km

      Fantastic morning ride while chatting and enjoying sunny summer weather with Maija! :-D

    • Cross-country skiing 3:51'04.6 Average heart rate 178 bpm, 47.91 km

      Syötehiihto 50km classic style. I love skiing and skiing loves me! ;-) I was fastest in ladies´ classic style, but classic skers are in same series with skaters this wasn´t noted. But I exceeded my limits again (I improved my speed half a minute/km )and this gave a lot of confidence on my way to ski events next winter. :-) Beautiful day and tracks were in excellent condition. Awesome feeling! ( I have to add that this was NOT easy! Lots of rise and especially 30-40km and last 3km was straight uphill!)

    • Triathlon 3:24'41.8 Average heart rate 160 bpm, 47.70 km

      Sunday triathlon: Classic style roller skiing 15,7km + trailrunning 11,2km + Cycling (cc) 20,8km. Beautiful day and a fun long move! Lots of people moving so I couldn´t cycle very fast. I´m happy with my summer´s training and based on my feelings doing these long moves: I´m ready for winter and ski season!

    • Cycling 2:46'04.3 Average heart rate 164 bpm, 70.23 km

      Perfect vibe + I LOVE MY CC!:-)) Home-Madekoski-Kiiminki-Kastelli-Maikkula-Ouluhalli-home. I could have kept going on all day. Just awesome!! Weather was crappy, +10, wind and rain, but I don´t care. I´m so happy I had time for this move

    • Cross-country skiing 2:09'52.4 Average heart rate 179 bpm, 28.39 km

      SWEET! Realtime Events Saturday Battle. I was nro1 today. :-) Awful weather: snow was melted slush and lots of crap on a track and it was also snowing all the time. My season´s last ski. What an ending! :-D Check out this Livemap:

    • Cross-country skiing 0:44'07.6 Average heart rate 177 bpm, 11.98 km

      Little lunch time craziness to let out the speed freak in me. :-D A bit stiff after skiing 2-4h every day (over 100km) on Easter holidays, but I love the speed in skating. Now some rest and if there is still snow on Saturday, I´ll join the Virtual Battle on Realtime Events. ;-)

    • Cross-country skiing 2:52'09 Average heart rate 181 bpm, 33.00 km

      TERVAHIIHTO 2012/ 5th place in Classic style 33km. I tried to take it easy at the beginning, but I couldn´t help myself going. After 18km flow started and took me to the end! Awesome feeling and I feel like a winner even if I ended up 5th!!! :-))) So happy!! In one downhill a guy behind me crashed me, but I´m lucky nobody got hurt. Wuhuu!:-)

    • Trail running 2:30'25.1 Average heart rate 156 bpm, 22.78 km


    • Running 2:32'41.7 Average heart rate 162 bpm, 23.50 km

      Jeah Jeah Jeah!! The most beautiful sunny autumn day +11 and for some reason I just felt so happy inside. Running is the best drug! :-D (6km was on pretty difficult trails)

    • Cross-country skiing 0:45'00 Average heart rate 158 bpm, 12.20 km

      Nice and fast, this felt like flying. :-) One of my best moves before I got my Suunto for mother´s day present. One of my best moves before I got my Suunto for mother´s day present.

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