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  • 5.9.2015
    • Trail running 2:23'30.1 Average heart rate 182 bpm, 21.10 km
      Running the P-Weg Ultra relay with Terry (me 21,1 km, him 52 km). Felt strong and had fun most of the time despite rain & cold except for the last few km - which I wasn't prepared for mentally, since it was a lot of flat running through a town and I had thought my 21 km would be over after a 4-ish km downhill. Sadly, the race organisation for the ultra relay was sort of miserable (had to wait in the cold, no food, wasn't allowed into the finish zone to eat, etc), but it was an interesting experience nonetheless.
    • Trail running 2:27'51.6 Average heart rate 181 bpm, 21.27 km
      Sauerland Höhenflug half marathon trail race. Beautiful course, feeling so-so, overall a nice experience.
    • Trail running 3:36'17.9 Average heart rate 178 bpm, 30.70 km
      Hermannslauf trail race from Detmold to Bielefeld through the Teutoburg Forest - it was an amazing experience! I had not run more than 22 km previously, so I did not know what to expect. I ended up feeling strong for most of the 3 hours 36 minutes it took me and managed to overtake a lot of people during the last 5 km. Nutrition and hydration went way better than expected, almost no problems. It's awesome, this "I could do this some more"-feeling towards the end of a previously unthinkably long run! And the smiles and cheers of strangers along the way :-) A great day <3 (9 km tea; 13 km tea + half raisin-banana-almond bar; 18 km tea + half banana; 20 km IsoGel; 25 km tea & always lots of water for my steaming face!)
    • Trail running 0:53'33.4 Average heart rate 194 bpm, 10.00 km
      My first 10k trail race (362m in alt diff), the short distance of the Böckstiegellauf in Werther near Bielefeld. About 60% hilly forest in the Teuto, 40% asphalt country road. It was very hard, being so long (for me!) and with so much asphalt on which I still feel weird running. For the last kms, my legs felt very wobbly, but I managed to sort of keep up the pace and finish in 53:33 - much better than I expected! (22nd woman out of 138). So with that I am happy, but I think I need to build my endurance for longer sessions, and to work on speed for uphills. First off, though, I need to recover a big bunch, since my entire body still hurts 2 days after. (Also the second run overall in my Merrell Bare Access Trail shoes, which luckily fit very well and for once do not hurt my feet! Very excited about those and how far and fast I will be able to go in them.)
  • 31.8.2014
    • Running 0:45'46.5 Average heart rate 191 bpm, 6.68 km
      The amazing Bergziege² race in Hamburg Blankenese's famous stair quarter! The course was surprisingly beautiful, first lots of running up and down narrow flights of stairs through narrow crooked alleyways reminiscent of mediterranean mountain towns, second a woody foresty part with really cool trails where I overtook many people both male and female on the downhills, and finally a superexhausting last km up a steep hill and down a long road with a crushing finish sprint where I overtook the now 7th and 6th women to place 5th! I pushed but it was such an amazing and fun experience!

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