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Female, 34 years, Helsinki, Finland
Aerobics, Circuit training, Crosscountry skiing… (+9 more)

No matter what you do, just do it properly!

Upcoming: Hopefully, Amsterdam marathon in Oct 2015, Triathlon Challenge Helsinki in Jul 2016, Lisbon marathon Oct 2016

  • 0:48'18.5 Running

    4 days ago

    @Helsinki Midnight Run - running ass a rabbit for Tupi, who made a huge 8 minutes improvement in his PB from last year. Totally proud of us both! For me it was truly an enjoyable run with lots of friends around - just the way I like it! Just that my HR belt didn't work at all..

    Photo by Cinnaberry

    0:51'47.4 Running

    1 weeks ago

    What a perfect reason to run a bit faster - try to hurry to the shops before they close! :) This time my excuse was the pickup of the Midnight Run package and the lack of a swimming suit. Now I've got them both. :)

    Photo by Cinnaberry

    3:33'55.3 Cycling

    1 weeks ago

    ...and we were on the road again! :) These perfect days for cycling just don't seem to end, and we just have to make the most of them!

    Photo by Cinnaberry

    4:02'00 Cycling

    2 weeks ago

    Porvoo - finally we made it there this summer! Beautiful day trip w/ Tuomo, Pirre and Ilkka

    Photo by Cinnaberry

    4:02'00 Cycling

    2 weeks ago

    Porvoo - finally we made it there this summer! Beautiful day trip w/ Tuomo, Pirre and Ilkka

    Photo by Cinnaberry

    2:21'02.7 Running

    2 weeks ago

    Visiting parents, and from there taking a summertip together by bikes to Kinuskilla by the riverbank of old Kellokoski. My leg's still very sore in the calve and it started to hurt too much on the way so I needed a ride in the end. Maybe some more swimming days would be needed.. :(

    Photo by Cinnaberry

    2:21'02.7 Running

    2 weeks ago

    Visiting parents, and from there taking a summertip together by bikes to Kinuskilla by the riverbank of old Kellokoski. My leg's still very sore in the calve and it started to hurt too much on the way so I needed a ride in the end. Maybe some more swimming days would be needed.. :(

    Photo by Cinnaberry

    2:59'56.1 Cycling

    2 weeks ago

    Oh, how I wish this summer would never end - now that it FINALLY began! So many cycling trips yet to make... This was our third one within a week w/ Kaisa. My throat is feeling a bit sore, so we took a familiar route with lots of sightseeing and only roads for cyclists on the way. We kept a decent pace considering. :)

    Photo by Cinnaberry

    3:58'12.5 Running

    3 weeks ago

    Running as a rabbit for Erika on a lovely sunny day in the traditional Helsinki City Marathon, in all other terms but the brand new route. We proceeded just as planned just up to the midway, after which both started to feel veeery uncomfortable in the tummy. We had to stop 4 times for the toilets, problems making the whole running feel like "shit".. The last try for me was in 32 km with Erika not stopping, so I had to catch her up later. I managed to keep steady 5:00 pace for the last 10 km until I reached her. Bravo, I think!

    Photo by Cinnaberry

    2:49'00.1 Cycling

    3 weeks ago

    Just what one can ask for after a woderful marathon day - a sunny cycling trip without any speed pressures with the girls! :D

    Photo by Cinnaberry
  • 30 Moves

    46:57 h

    686.6 km

    18462 kcal

  • Greatest Moves

    • Cycling 6:03'00 Average heart rate 110 bpm, 113.3 km

      Sa Calobra - Coll dels Reis: the bravest things I've ever achieved in my life so far! 9,4 kms of continuous ascent from the coast with 668 m height gain, which wasn't too bad - but the descent there was awful. (Couldn't record the whole trip but a friend did:

    • 2.5.2015
    • 6
    • Running 3:24'26.9 Average heart rate 150 bpm, 42.88 km

      My personal best. On a gray, chilly day. On a boring 10 km x 4 route of Vantaan Maraton - Tikkurila. It was great to share the event with all the wonderful people there, but somehow the actual PB doesn't make me happy. It wasn't a specifically nice run, although not a tough one for me. It just didn't give me the kicks. Anyhow, it's one of my Greatests on some scale, I guess.

    • 17.10.2014
    • 18
    • Trail running 3:01'15.2 Average heart rate 152 bpm, 26.53 km

      Nuuksio Classic Trail Marathon, my very first trail running marathon, and it all ended so badly... :( Luckily, I didn't have any expectations on goals, but just had the loveliest time running in the beautiful forests of Nuuksio with an experienced trail runner from Tampere (thank you again, if you ever read this!) - when I went and tripped down to a bunch of ugly roots. And not just a little. I got an ambulance ride back to the area. But if we had finished together (which we would have otherwise) my position would've been 11th of women (4:45). Maybe next year, or maybe never. I still didn't loose my heart totally to trail running. :)

    • 8.9.2014
    • 11
    • Running 0:43'36.7 Average heart rate 160 bpm, 10.28 km

      @Midnight Run 2014 - and it's always harder to run shorter distances! Well, this time I still managed to do my PB w/ lots of familiar faces around. Runners - one happy family. :) Position: 35th of women.

    • 11
    • Running 3:30'23 Average heart rate 151 bpm, 42.20 km

      HCM2014 - and I could not have enjoyed running any more!! Pure joy, good company, happy cheering, relaxed feeling and easy going all the way throuhg - probably the best marathon feeling ever! Ambit showed 10 seconds faster pace from the beginning (total distance in the end 42,01 km) so I gave up of running a pace and listened only my HR, and it always works. :)

    • 15.9.2014
    • 20
    • Running 1:40'52.7 Average heart rate 156 bpm, 21.44 km

      First HHM (Helsinki Half Marathon) in history - Position 32. in women. And it yes felt GOOD, in the end. :) Perfect weather, although a little risk of thunder. A bit too many ups, but then again, there were the downs as well. Too few spectators but hey, we're only in Finland..

    • 15
    • Running 3:46'27.5 Average heart rate 155 bpm, 42.53 km

      Me and Berlin - we just aren't compatible in running.. But since this was my only marathon in 2013, it must be one of the greatest. Not only because I could run only 4 months before it (moreover, with pain), but I also managed to finish only 19 minutes later than my PB. It can't be that bad, even though the feeling certainly was.

    • 12
    • Running 0:45'33.8 Average heart rate 165 bpm, 10.09 km

      Maybe not the most glorious of my 10k's but I still have to share it as one of the greatest - for this year at least! Truly a great evening event with over 25 of my DNA colleagues. :) Split min/km km/h Pos 1K 04:37 13.03 37 3K 04:17 14.06 29 5K 04:39 12.95 26 7K 04:39 12.91 28 9K 04:43 12.76 27 10K 04:26 13.55 29 ..but if you compare the pace of a half marathon over a year ago, I was able to go almost as fast the whole way then

    • 17
    • 4
    • Cycling 2:15'00 Average heart rate 137 bpm, 52.88 km

    • 3
    • Indoor cycling 0:56'39 Average heart rate 151 bpm

    • 1
    • Running 3:53'10.7 Average heart rate 150 bpm, 42.19 km

      Easy and enjoyable run in good company! :) Run out of memory space before 3 h.

    • 15
    • Running 1:42'54.7 Average heart rate 160 bpm, 21.10 km

      Pääkaupunkijuoksu 1/2-maraton

    • 14
    • Running 3:35'29.3 Average heart rate 156 bpm, 42.20 km

      Helsinki City Marathon 2011 - my footpod clearly NOT properly calibrated (showed total 40.48 km) so my speed control strategy in the beginning obviously sucked.. Still absolutely the best marathon in my list so far, what it comes to the feeling! Position: women's 35th, included all the Finnish championship marathonists whose race was organized at the same time.

    • 41
    • Running 3:36'14.7 Average heart rate 103 bpm, 42.20 km

      Surprising myself with over half an hour improvement from last year's Stockholm race. Truly a pity that the batteries from my belt ran out after midway, therefore the odd graphs.

    • 27
    • Running 1:41'16.2 Average heart rate 162 bpm, 21.10 km

      HCR 2011

    • 23
    • Running 3:27'17.6 Average heart rate 153 bpm, 42.20 km

      Tallinn Marathon - enjoyable running, despite the awful wind, chatting with great fellow runners almost all the way through. 15th of all the women, 8th in my group.

    • 36
    • Running 3:30'35 Average heart rate 155 bpm, 42.20 km

      I just remember thinking how lovely it is to run long distances compared to the 1/2 marathons where you really have to run fast. Because of too much crowd I had no choice but to stroll along steadily with the others. The roads were really narrow and with dangerous obstacles here and there. Still I couldn't have enjoyed more as a the weather was perfect and the crowd cheered as we were heroes! :) Perfect!

    • 31
    • Running 1:35'20 Average heart rate 160 bpm, 21.10 km

      HCR 2012 - smiling all the way through and even more so in the last few kilometres. Wonderful to cheer to all the friends and acquaintances at the finish line - just enjoy the atmosphere. I wish all the races would feel like this! :)

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    • Mixsu

      3 days ago @ Move 30.8.2015

      Hienoa 2000 harjoituksen täyttymisestä :)

      • Cinnaberry

        3 days ago

        Hih! Ihan "hiukan" keinotekoista näiden movejen tehtarointi kyllä on. ;) Voisihan sitä paukuttaa tänne myös joka ikisen fillarimatkan, koiranlenkityksen, venyttelyn...eihän sitä juuri muuta ehtisikään päivän aikana tehdä kuin kirjailla moveja. ;D

    • Iina_H

      4 days ago @ Move 29.8.2015

      Jänis-hommia pukkaa - ihanaa kun autat kavereita!!

      • Cinnaberry

        4 days ago

        Hih, kohta alkaa varmaan korvatkin venyä.. ;) Tämä oli ihan spontaani ja extempore-jänistys, kun tajuttiin olevamme samassa lähtöryhmässä, onneksi. Pelkäsin lähteä juoksemaan kovaa, koska kankut (ja pohje) on nyt pirun kipeät enkä haluaisi missata Amsterdamia. Tämä meni niin mukavasti näin, ettei tottakaan! Sain minäkin tässä oikein hyvän ripeän harkan!! :)

    • BetterNextYear

      4 days ago @ Move 29.8.2015

      Thanks for the photos they add another dimension for those of us following your adventures. Better captions would not go amiss. Cheers.

    • Queck

      6 days ago @ Move 27.8.2015


    • Mixsu

      1 weeks ago @ Move 26.8.2015

      On se kaupunki maisemakin hienoa katseltavaa :)

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