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Male, 39 years, Benasque, España
Alpine skiing, Cross-country skiing, Cycling… (+9 more)

feel good practicing sports that I like, more so in the mountains where I live

  • 6 Moves

    8:12 h

    65.13 km

    0 kcal

  • Greatest Moves

    • Running 0:39'45 Average heart rate 181 bpm, 10.00 km

      Cursa Bombers 2012

    • Running 0:39'21.3 Average heart rate 179 bpm, 10.15 km

      10k Valencia: 00:39:20

    • Mountain biking 1:06'04.7 Average heart rate 169 bpm, 16.52 km

      Memorial Jorge Rami: 1:05:49

    • Running 1:26'54.7 Average heart rate 169 bpm, 21.23 km


    • Running 0:40'10 Average heart rate 183 bpm, 10.25 km

      Cursa Bombers. 00:40:08

    • Running 0:18'20.1 Average heart rate 184 bpm, 4.94 km

      5k Zaragoza Tiempo final 00:18:14 con un ritmo de 00:03:38

    • Running 6:17'41.8 Average heart rate 154 bpm, 44.31 km

      Tiempo oficial: 06:01:42

    • Hostal Parque Natural

      Photo by yimix
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      How is your running going?

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      Welcome to the Where is the limit? Mafia!!! :-)


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      Please note: this is not an official support forum for Suunto watches or services, and currently this group is not actively monitored. You can get more information about Suunto products from - especially from Questions&Answers section in product pages. If you have any issues with our products&services, please contact our Contact Center for detailed support. Thank you!

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      Mountainbike group for all loving xc,am,enduro,dh, freeride or whatever u name the time spend on your bike

      Skis, boards and everything in between.

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      The season is almost here!


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      Great to have you in this group, have a nice ride with your bikes!

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      I changed the name into Ambit & t6d/c lovers. I have used the t6d for years with satisfaction. Now I also have the AMBIT: WOW!


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      Standart 2h Move Battle (note; can be done whenever you want to). Basics: RTE calculates individually calibrated Body Charge scores (TRIMP). The higher the momentary training zone is, the faster you will get scores. Everyone has same opportunity to win since the HR method is individually calibrated and even the gender noticed :-) Rules: You’ll need RTE application (iPhone, Windows, Android, Symbian) - Battles can be done whenever you want! - You can turn on the RTE application few mins earlier (“Start Tracking”) - Every sport is allowed - Remember to encourage others in live map chat - You can see each others’ scores in LIVE! Let the others know that you are participating and make sure that you have an official supervisor checking the Move and encouraging you during the Move! :-) Every Move definitely counts :-)

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