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Male, 30 years, Revelstoke, Canada
Mountain biking, Mountaineering, Ski touring

personal challenge and reward. Probably all that I seek.

  • 14 Moves

    16:32 h

    138.6 km

    3187 kcal

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    • Ski touring 6:16'59.7, 11.21 km

      Only being in Japan for 1 week I feel very fortunate for this summit. Volcanoes are such iconic mountains, they stand solitary and alone, beautiful and large. So they quickly become must does when you see them in the alpen glow. I saw this mountain our first day and hoped I would be allowed a summit attempt. Six days later I struggled up through whiteout and wind to stand on a new summit in a new country. I wish I had the views so i could have seen the Japanese sea, and the pacific ocean, but you can't get it all.

    • 12.2.2015

      booting up and into the white out. They all turned around after this.


      Alone and happy on the summit.

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