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  • 30.4.2016
    • Orienteering 11:35'40.6 Average heart rate 127 bpm, 69.67 km
      Salpaus Rogaining 2016 12H - Longest sports event so far. It was raining hard at the start at noon. Luckily it stopped raining half an hour after the start. We made few mistakes but nothing too major. Legs worked fine almost to the end but after 65K I had to start walking since my legs were done. I consumed 4L of fluids, two energy bars, one mars bar, one protein bar, two sandwiches, 150g of dried chicken meat, 100g of salted peanuts & raisins and 6 energy gels. 7-10°C / Wind 2 m/s / Rain https://rogaine.wordpress.com/2016-2/tulokset-2016/
    • 30.4.2016
    • Running 1:22'59.9 Average heart rate 164 bpm, 21.29 km
      Helsinki Spring Marathon 2016 - Half Marathon Race. Smooth and Strong run, no problems, New PB - Official Time: 1:23:00 / Overall Placement: 12 / +7°C / Wind: 4m/s with 7m/s gusts.
    • 24.4.2016
    • Running 0:38'16.4 Average heart rate 169 bpm, 10.31 km
      Helsinki Midnight Run 2015 Sijoitus 52 Sijoitus (Ikä) 14 Sijoitus (koko) 53 Kokonaisaika (Netto) 00:38:11
    • 29.8.2015
    • #seenonmyrun #trailrunning #instarunners #polkujuoksu #marath...
      Photo by J@rm0
  • 16.7.2015
    • 16.7.2015
    • Trail running 4:03'35.4 Average heart rate 157 bpm, 43.08 km
      My first trail marathon race. What an experience, this is going to top 3 hardest races I have run ever. I think I had too fast start, running with the top 20 runners for the first few km's. After that I found a steady rhythm and pace. The run went nicely to 32K, we were behind the top 20 group, but after that I felt that my stomach didn't absorb fluids very well. I had too much fluid in my stomach and started to feel nauseated. Also breathing became shallow and hard. So, I had to walk few hundreds of meters during the last 4K's. Overall placement 26/203.
    • 27.6.2015
    • Running 1:27'47.9 Average heart rate 167 bpm, 21.20 km
      Forssan Suvi-ilta 2015. Half Marathon race. Weather was tough, sunshine with 22°c and some wind gusts. Run went smoothly, tried to take it easy for the first 10-15K and after that tried to go faster. There was lot of runners dropping behind due to warm weather and exhaustion. Open Division Placement: 15 and Overall placement: 30.
    • 13.6.2015
    • Running 3:02'49 Average heart rate 158 bpm, 42.49 km
      Vantaa marathon 2014. Sub 3h was the goal but I didn´t make it this time. It was so close but so far, but at least I got a new PB by 3 minutes. Everything went smoothly to 35K, we had a great group of runners aiming for sub 3 hours and we ran in a pack together three laps. After 35K my legs started to get bad, I felt that cramps were near and I had no strength left in my legs. Energy levels were good till the end. At 40K I had a severe cramp in my right hamstring and I had to stop and walk (and moan!). I managed to limp to the finish but the goal of sub 3h had slipped. I am some what disappointed because of the end of the run didn´t go smoothly, but we had great times with our "sub 3-running pack". 33rd place in open division and 43th in overall division (601 finishers), official time: 3:02:48. http://resultservice.fi/2014/vantaa/?action=show&sarja=MARA
    • 17.10.2014
  • 30.8.2014
    • Running 0:39'30.2 Average heart rate 170 bpm, 10.24 km
      Helsinki Midnight Run 2014. New PB on 10 K, Ambit measured 240 m extra, not sure if the route was correct or what. I tryed to cut every corner as close as possible. Official time was 39:26 / 3´57. The run went very smoothly to 8K and then I had a severe side stitch which slowed me down. I managed to recover but the rest of the race was very unpleasant and painful. I could not breath properly and last 200 meters went quite anaerobic ;) Great race, great support from crowds in race and good music and feeling. http://midnattsloppet.r.mikatiming.de/2014/helsinki/?content=detail&fpid=list&pid=list&idp=999999158266DB0000074900&lang=FI&event=MLHF_2014
    • Running 3:05'44.3 Average heart rate 155 bpm, 42.09 km
      Uusi Lahti Run Marathon 2014. What can I say, everything went as planned, even against the odds. The weather was bad, very hot and humid. My plan was to aim to sub 3h10min time and approximately 4:25 pace per minute. I managed to hold the pace steady even when there was a thunderstorm after 20 KM with hails :) My biggest concern was the heat and how I was going to keep the pulse low enough. I hydrated on every aid station with my own drinks and gels, so that was the key for the whole successful run. I felt strong all the way of the race. Everything was almost perfect till the end, but in the last 300 meters I managed to cramp both of my hamstrings because of steep drop to the stadium. I was able to continue to the finish line where I collapsed to the ground and had to be helped by the first aid personnel. New personal best on marathon and a great accomplishment towards getting a sub 3h marathon maybe next fall.
    • Running 1:28'27.2 Average heart rate 166 bpm, 21.23 km
      HCR 2014 Half Marathon
    • Running 0:32'11.9 Average heart rate 166 bpm, 8.24 km
      Villin Lenkki 2014, Orimattila, 8K Race. Really strong headwinds from 4K to finish slowed me down, I was able to regain speed for the last km´s. A bit too fast start took it´s toll and I had a side stitch from 4K to finish. Nevertheless decent run for this time of season.

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