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Male, 39 years, Paris, France
Boxing, Cycling

Three things: savate, savate & savate

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    • courbier

      29.12.2011 @ walooriloo

      Hey Waloo, je suis heureux de voir un autre adepte de boxe que moi. Est ce que tu pratiques dans un club? L'usine?

    • devangel

      24.12.2011 @ Move 24.12.2011

      Wow - 204! Good move - happy holidays!!!

      • walooriloo


        Thanks dude! Happy holidays to you and your family.

    • Ironsmith

      4.6.2011 @ Move 4.6.2011

      Great intensity. Looks like some really tough all out efforts judging by those HR peaks.

      • walooriloo


        thanks for your support! This was savate boxing, and all these peaks correspond to 2 mins rounds. As savate rounds are shorter than regular boxing rounds, they tend to get more intensive. In this case, some of my opponents were super-tough guys (I almost got knocked at one point but fortunately was able to get back in the game).

    • devangel

      4.6.2011 @ Move 4.6.2011

      WOW!!! That's a move!!! :D

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