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Male, 44 years, Uppsala, Sverige
Alpine skiing, Crosstrainer, Floorball… (+7 more)

Well. I have actually started to turn it around and can now say that I exercise regularly, which was the goal I started out with. Next major goal is to step it up a bit and get to 3-4 times a week instead of 2-3.

My main goal is getting more fit, so I can ski more. I do this mainly by running and the weekly floorball game with my friends. I am also getting acquainted with the TRX equipment and am quite curious regarding the crossfit movement.

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    • Running 1:09'10.8 Average heart rate 160 bpm, 10.34 km

      My first 10k race, Midnattsloppet. All goals accomplished: * Finished the race * Under 70 mins * Moving up a start group I feel really great about this actually, and are seriously considering entering another race in the not so far future.

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