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Male, 43 years, Kues, Deutschland
Cycling, Mountain biking, Running… (+1 more)

Trying to spend as much time on my mountainbike as i can...

  • 10 Moves

    18:37 h

    281.3 km

    12682 kcal

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    • Mountainbikers

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      Mountainbike group for all loving xc,am,enduro,dh, freeride or whatever u name the time spend on your bike

      German Beginner

      202 members

      Eine deutschsprachige Gruppe für alle Neu- Einsteiger.

      Ambit & t6c/d lovers

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      I changed the name into Ambit & t6d/c lovers. I have used the t6d for years with satisfaction. Now I also have the AMBIT: WOW!