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Male, 42 years, Bristol, United Kingdom
Adventure racing, Canoeing, Circuit training… (+11 more)

Andy Torbet - Extreme Diver, Climber, Adventurer Sportsman, Author and Presenter.

"Being fit is a core part of my job and life, it's also an essential tool in avoiding danger, mitigating risk and getting myself out of some of the 'problems' I've encountered over the years".

  • 12 Moves

    17:13 h

    0.00 km

    1187 kcal

  • Greatest Moves

    • Pool swimming 6:44'23.8 Average heart rate 91 bpm

      Snorkelling down the River Severn. Not at a great pace I hasten to add. It's less than 15 miles and took me almost 7 hours...great way to see the wildlife though

    • Circuit training 0:37'00.5 Average heart rate 154 bpm

      Short and Sharp. This doesn't include the 20 cycle warm up or warm down, this is just circuit. Climbing later so didn't want to want myself early.

    • Circuit training 1:13'22.6 Average heart rate 132 bpm

      A bit of Pre-Festing phys at Dive Fest 2011...I thought I'd best burn off some calories before hitting the party especially as those nice men from Suunto were giving away free beer (which is effectively a recovery shake)

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    • ceci44

      16.5.2014 @ Andy_Torbet

      Hello, I admirer your profile, i am cecile please contact me direct in my private email ok ( yours Cecile.

    • tomahola

      18.2.2014 @ Move 11.2.2014

      Amazing! Ascending a mountain at 100km/h :)

    • Vasiliki

      4.8.2013 @ Andy_Torbet

      Courageous and inspiring! Greetings from a very hot and humid Greece !

    • oumima12

      23.7.2013 @ Andy_Torbet

      My name is Oumima Hashim 24 years old female. I am here to seek true friendship, I personally may not be very beautiful physically as most ladies in your country, but I think I have the beauty of the mind that is more valuable to me. the inner mind is most important to me, friendship is to me the right of all people, and if properly inclined could lead to something permanent. you can reach me through my email:

    • Andy_Torbet

      21.7.2013 @ Move 19.7.2013

      I didn't turn the GPS on for the first 2km. The data also only covers first to last peak not the ascent and descent from the Ridge - that was another 5.5 hours of effort...

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