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Male, 27 years, Kiruna, Sverige
Crosscountry skiing, Crosstrainer, Cycling… (+13 more)

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    • Walking 0:42'26.2 Average heart rate 134 bpm, 3.27 km

      promenad i -30 grader

    • Weight training 1:28'59 Average heart rate 107 bpm

    • Walking 0:48'54.8 Average heart rate 133 bpm, 3.94 km

      skön promenad i stan

    • Crosscountry skiing 1:14'11.9 Average heart rate 177 bpm, 12.64 km

      7 varv runt eljuspåret. med nya skidor.

    • Crosscountry skiing 0:38'50.3 Average heart rate 165 bpm, 4.63 km

      skiing in fresh snow with the grip

    • Running 0:35'41.3 Average heart rate 152 bpm, 4.27 km


    • Running 0:15'07.9 Average heart rate 146 bpm, 1.59 km

      a short interval workouts with new Icebug shoes with studs really good shoes.

    • Crosscountry skiing 0:24'33 Average heart rate 164 bpm, 4.32 km

      short ski pass in really tough before.

    • Running 0:32'52.8 Average heart rate 152 bpm, 3.74 km


    • Crosscountry skiing 0:49'58.8 Average heart rate 176 bpm, 8.72 km

      nice ski training but bad wax after 5 km ..

    • Crosscountry skiing 0:15'02.2 Average heart rate 162 bpm, 2.38 km

      short test of the wax for about -10 degrees and wind ..

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    • Suunto Multisport Sweden

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      Limits is what we set to quantify life, to know the limits, pass the limits and set new goals!

      Fläsket brinner

      15 members

      Se hit alla hurtbullar, här är gruppen för alla som vill jämföra sina prestationer med likasinnade. Låt fläsket brinna!

      Ambit & t6c/d lovers

      2343 members

      I changed the name into Ambit & t6d/c lovers. I have used the t6d for years with satisfaction. Now I also have the AMBIT: WOW!

      Sweden outdoor

      125 members

      Välkomna ska ni vara! Välkomna till ett nytt år! Vi firar ut det lite slitna 2014 och satsar friskt på 2015!

    • Mountainbikers

      1818 members

      Mountainbike group for all loving xc,am,enduro,dh, freeride or whatever u name the time spend on your bike


      7 members

      Välkomna! Då är det bara att sätta igång och börja logga träningen. Om ni saknar någon aktivitet så säg till så lägger jag till den om det går.

      Suunto Ambit family users

      10326 members

      The Ambit3 Connected family is launched, kicking and growing now with the Ambit3 Run!


      3659 members

      Great to have you in this group, have a nice ride with your bikes!

    • Trail Running

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      How is your running going?

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      HR Zones (Karvonen)

      Training. guigui

      Target HR zones calculated with the Karvonen Formula: ((HRmax - HRrest) * %intensity ) + HRrest = THR (Target HR) The App will write down the zone# + the description, for example: Zn 1 Easy / Zn 2 Mod (for moderate), etc. The intensity levels are set to 60-70-80-90 percent, but you can change them in the custom variables if you copy and edit the App.

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      Barometer v2.1

      Trekking, Tools for daily use. tomahola

      This is an improved version of my Barometer app. Algorithm inaccuracy now less than 1hPa up to 4000 meter altitude (Ambit sensor inaccuracy not included). This is my attempt to make a barometer that displays the barometric pressure at your location. You can also simulate a barometer by setting your reference altitude to zero in the standard Ambit. But it is really nice and more convenient to have a barometer view with all three key parameters available at the same time in the screen: altitude, atmospheric pressure (AP) and sea level pressure (QNH). Make your custom training mode and include all these, like I did! On my wish list, but not implemented yet, is an altitude trim term to correct for air humidity, air temperature and sensor errors. Trim can be done by setting altitude and pressure simultaneously and independently to known values. The trim coefficient can then be calculated and subsequent altimeter operation will be more accurate. Currently the trim is fixed at factory cali...

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