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  • 16.11.2015
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    • Botta Tower on Mount Moron (1336 m)

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      The Moron Tower is located in the Bernese Jura on the highlands stretching from the northern edge of Switzerland towards Haute-Savoie and the Black Forest . The tower can be reached via a winding trail that snakes its way through the dense forest, starting at the village of Mallerey . The construction of this belvedere tower was inspired by the intention of giving an image and visibility to the work done by several hundred apprentices in the region as part of their vocational training to become masons/stonecutters. After viewing the designs proposed by the apprentices, Mario Botta embraced the idea that plying a professional trade should also become a tangible sign in the landscape, and he proffered his idea of a 26-meter-tall tower with a diameter of about 6 metres. The solid stone steps are cantilevered around a hollow central bearing structure. Each step is characterised by two stone wedges embedded into vertical slabs that a...

      Photo by michaelGro


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