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I'm going to get back soon...

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    • Circuit training 1:22'30 Average heart rate 150 bpm, 10.00 km

      round and round the garden like a teddy bear! Argh...working next to a girl 20 years younger. I was determined to stay in front and she tried to keep up = torture!! We agreed to come to an agreement next time lol. I used counting back from 100 to get me through the works! Lol

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    • Circuit training 1:57'10 Average heart rate 156 bpm

      3min skip 3 min treadmill inc 10 2 min then 1min of both. Same again for ski erg and step ups then again for row and spin. Weights shoulder and bench press 2 sets 30 each. 2 min abs!!! Killer. 5k run to finish at 92% all the way. Phew!

    • Running 0:53'00, 5.00 km

      I can't say I was enthusiastic about running in the rain and thick mud but I had made the commitment to go with friends so no backing down! The going up was incredibly hard, heart about to burst and close to being sick but the going down was a thrill as always. Coffee and mince pie to celebrate after with a great bunch of friends!

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      Photo by SMac 2


      Photo by SMac 2
    • Running 0:30'00, 5.00 km

      Really hot and sunny! Rosy cheeks all round. Charity race for Cancer Research. Started off slow thinking I would jog along with friends but soon got bored and took off at a pace that gave me a lovely big stitch in my side! Fantastic day with over 900 runners. Charity race for Cancer Research. Started off slow thinking I would jog along with friends but soon got bored and took off at a pace that gave me a lovely big stitch in my side! Fantastic day with over 900 runners.

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    • karimu

      16.5.2015 @ SMac

      hey you're back. missed it... great news :)

    • coloredink

      9.2.2015 @ SMac

      You are back!! We missed ya and glad to see you're back.

      • SMac


        Why thank you! ;-)

    • SMac

      4.2.2015 @ Move 4.2.2015

      Woo-hoo. Go away rotten cold and let me get to it!

    • BetterNextYear

      3.12.2014 @ SMac

      Are you back from limbo? We missed you. Do tell your news.

    • DennisJ

      19.1.2014 @ SMac

      For those concerned about SMAC, I think she is busy being a wife and mother to a growing family, growing in age that is:-), at the moment. However, I'm sure we'll see her in action again.

      • SpecialK


        Wow, so nice to hear something! Thanks! We miss her in here!

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    • Fenton Fitness

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      Beacon Fell 10 miler Tough Mudder prep...Sunday 10am Rockform A6

      Ladies with the Moves!

      616 members

      June is pritty wet here in the Great Britain! Lots of preperation for the Olympics going on! Have u got tickets? Or will you be watching?

      High Intensity Intermittent Training (HIIT)

      121 members

      Evidence continues to mount underscoring the superiority of HIIT exercise protocols in improving health in a variety of ways. Dr. Jonathan Little at the University of British Columbia has recently shown that HIIT is more effective at lowering high blood sugar for type II diabetics than continuous duration aerobic routines. Dr. Little has shown that 75 minutes of HIIT per week is more effective than 150 minutes weekly of the moderate intensity continuous duration exercise recommended by the American Diabetes Association. Happily, not many of us here need to be concerned with exercising to combat diabetes. But the encouraging implication of Dr. Little’s research may be of interest. Presumably if HIIT lowers blood sugar for full-fledged type II diabetics, it is also superior in lowering blood sugar and combatting metabolic syndrome in non-diabetics. HIIT works.

      Group I

      54 members

      The new Group I has arrived........... what award are you going for? This will be where the Lepidoptera is judged :) You guys inspired me to do this one!!!

    • I exercise to eat

      65 members

      So 2014 Is here. Spring is nearly turning to summer in the north and the winter is nearly upon us in the south. For me its that time of year for hearty stews, buttered beans and large slabs of fresh bread with lashings of butter. Would I do another 1 hour on the bicycle for that? You bet! :-) Eat well and exercise often :-)

      I am a Squeezer because...

      32 members

      How will the season change the way you work out if at all?

      Smac, Me, Myself and I

      1 members

      Oh well I suppose better get moving!

      Firm Bottoms

      13 members

      This group has served it's purpose and is now defunct. For a group with lots of discussion and fun I recommend:

    • Ox

      5 members

      If anyone has ideas or questions about good workouts, don't hesitate to post them in this group, I'll try to answer them myself or find the answer elsewhere!

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