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Male, 42 years, Madrid, Spain
Climbing, Mountain biking, Running… (+2 more)

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    16:10 h

    159.9 km

    14848 kcal

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    • Trail running 6:03'44.9 Average heart rate 144 bpm, 37.13 km

      Saucony Xodus 3.0

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    • 9 Apps

    • Intervals (time)

      Training. jam_ranning

      Cualquier número de intervalos (por tiempo), los cuales pueden ir aumentando o decreciendo un tiempo fijo determinado, con sus correspondientes recuperaciones que pueden ir también variando en un tiempo fijo determinado. Las variables que se ajustan son (los tiempos se miden en segundos): - warm: duración del calentamiento - cool: no se usa - numIntervalos: número de intervalos a realizar - intInicial: duración del primer intervalo - recInicial: duración de la primera recuperación - incIntervalo: tiempo en que se incrementará cada intervalo - decIntervalo: tiempo en que se decrementará cada intervalo - incRecuperacion: tiempo en que se incrementará cada recuperacion - decRecuperacion: tiempo en que se decrementará cada recuperacion El resto de variables son para cálculos internos de la aplicación. Los valores están ajustados para estos intervalos: - Calentamiento 20 min (warm=1200 s) - 3 intervalos (numIntervalos=3) - Primer intervalo de 15 min (intInicial=900 s) y cada uno de los s...

      Running efficiency

      Running, Performance. jam_ranning

      Pulsaciones por km. Beats per km.

      • 14

      Total ascent

      Environmental. Movescount

      Shows the amount of ascent, i.e. cumulative amount of gained altitude during the exercise. Result is given in meters.

      • 14

      Karvonen average

      Running, Guidance. jam_ranning

      Karvonen formula, but using lap average HR instead instant HR. Usefull for interval workouts

      • 3

      Track difficulty (UTMB points)

      Trail running, Estimate. jam_ranning

      Difficulty of our track, like UTMB points. Distance + Ascent / 100. Each 100 meters of ascent counts like each 1 plain km

      • 3
      • 5

      Karvonen formula

      Trail running, Guidance. amnon

      Karvonen formula for calc of % heart rate

      • 5
      • 13

      Average stride length

      Running, Counter. Movescount

      If you are working on your running technique, this is a great App to help you perfect your stride. Stride length has a direct impact on your metabolic efficiency. Every runner has a different stride, and the stride also depends on footwear. Set it as one of your views in your running mode to see the length of your stride as you run. To find your optimal stride, use this App to test what stride length feels best while you are running at a moderate intensity (60-70% max HR). NOTE: Requires Foot POD.

      • 13
      • 89

      How hard

      Guidance. Movescount

      Using heart rates zones is a useful way to control your exercise intensity. But if you need more precise guidance, this is the App for you. This app shows real-time intensity based on your own maximum heart rate. Set it in one of your custom sports modes and let your real-time exercise intensity guide you.

      • 89
      • 21

      Climb counter

      Trail running, Counter. Movescount

      Climb counter is for running hill sprints. After a couple sprints, it’s easy to lose count. Climb counter keeps track of how many sprints you have done. Just push the lap button once at the top of the first hill. After that, the app will count each sprint and show you the current total count.

      • 21